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[GAME] Your Village Comes Alive!

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[size=125%]In this game, you are the one who generates a village!

Villagers give you emeralds as tax, these aren't only used for trading, but also for placing new builds. Each building can only support a certain amount of villagers. When villagers die because of zombies, your income will decrease and it will be harder to place new buildings for new villagers.

[GAME] Your Village Comes Alive! Minecraft Map

This circle turns the game into an exciting combination of defending, managing and expanding. The village will be yours, you create and decorate it. Wether you play on easy and enjoy watching the villagers walk around or play on hard and replace all doors with iron doors: You are the one who helps the village grow, but you are also the death of your own village.

Some villages will die early on, because a single player can't protect it all or simply doesn't care. Others will die because the player can't resist the temptation of growth. With enough balancing and patience, your village can grow into a large and thriving city.

You can only create one village in each world, but you can still play together with friends. With a permission system in place, any group of friends will be sufficient. While shifting, you will glow, get free enderpearls and be able to move villagers. Villagers can talk, attack and heal over time.

While making use of all these features and tools, wether you are a beginner or a professional,
I wish you the best of luck.[/size]

All features
- Withdraw and deposit emeralds into a bank.
- Build structures with emeralds.
- Keep track of the demand for new buildings.
- Keep track of other statistics and make things glow.
- Receive taxes from villagers.
- Repair doors with emeralds.
- Give and take permissions from players.

- Free enderpearls while shifting
- Glow while shifting
- Carry villagers while shifting, villagers have resistance when being carried.

- Villagers can heal themselves and attack.
- One consequence for each building, if there's a shortage.
- Generation of various structures take the original rules into account.

- Health is visible below your nametags.
- The zombie kills is visible in the tablist (also visible in Single Player).

- There are 29 advancements, containing fun facts.
- There are 35 functions, containing 837 commands (comments excluded).
- There are 67 additional commands in command blocks, together with 21 armor stands. This makes the random features in structure generation (like the crops in farms) possible.
- The villagers have 294 messages that could be displayed above their head, coming from the title screen splashes.
- All structures of a village have been re-made by hand, then copied and modified for all 4 types of villages (plains by default, others accessible through customisation).

Singleplayer: Important Fix!
I don't know why, but minecraft seems to load functions before the actual scoreboard. This results in the execution of the cycle for initiating a player without actually doing anything. This means that for single player, you would have to manually re-run the initiation. You do this by doing: /scoreboard players tag @p remove New.

Multiplayer: Server Settings
difficulty=1 (or higher)

Using the vanilla server software is highly recommended!

YouTube and other means of sharing
Don't claim this map as your own, neither spread the map yourself. You have to put my name and/or a link to this page in the description (or somewhere similar). A message about any publication would be appreciated, but not required.

[size=125%]Thanks to Vellaris for checking sentences, supporting me throughout the development and wanting to test the game with me.
Thanks to Breaklyn_Huang for helping me figuring out what was causing problems in Singleplayer.[/size]

You can download the .zip file for customisation over HERE. The default map contains the plains village type, no generated villages and small biomes. Customisation can be difficult for some, but keep in mind that it's not required.

Step by step:

1. Create a world without villages, do this by going into single player and creating a customised world.
2. Open the world save, default location: %APPDATA%/.minecraft/saves/<world>
3. Open the data folder inside: <world>/data
4. Replace the "functions" and "advancements" folders with the ones from the download.
5. Go back to the world save: <world>

6. Open one of the village types in the downloaded folder and copy the structures folder inside to the world save.
This results in a world save with a "structures" folder inside.
7. Drop cmd.nbt inside the structures folder: <world>/structures

8. Open up minecraft, load up the world and do /reload.
9. Give yourself a structure block and place it down. (/give @p structure_block)
10. Switch to load mode (bottom left), enter "cmd", turn entities on and hit LOAD twice (bottom right).
11. Near the box, do /setworldspawn
12. Do /function village:setup
13. Do /gamerule gameLoopFunction village:main

14. You are ready to go!

BEFORE commenting a problem, make sure you are on 1.12 and check if your problem is answered below:
1. What does "Out of reach!" mean?
You have to stand on top of a path in order to build anything.
2. Singleplayer doesn't work!
Make sure to look at the fix above!
3. Structures are incomplete, what do I do now?
Something went wrong with the command blocks. Check if you generated the "cmd" structure (for customised games). If you downloaded the default map, go back to world spawn and look underground in gm 3. Check if clocks are still working and armor stands are still there.

[size=150%]Use my installer![/size]

[GAME] Your Village Comes Alive! Minecraft Map
My Server: GIBI
[GAME] Your Village Comes Alive! Minecraft Map
Click the banner for more info!

CreditVersion: 1.12 | Players: 1+
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by Bertiecrafter 06/25/2017 7:36:38 amJun 25th, 2017

Fixed playing the map in singleplayer!

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06/26/2017 5:24 pm
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For all future comments:
Plenty of people had questions about the game. I wanted to respond properly to each comment, but this was clogging up the comment section. Whenever you have a problem, I will read the comment and get back to you through a PM. After that some questions will be added to the Q&A (with a short answer) and lastly, all question comments will be deleted. I won't delete negative ratings, as I don't want to censor opinions.

Thank you for understanding!
06/22/2017 4:20 pmhistory
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Thank you Super_Mario_Sega, NikoliSevenn, Morhius1512, techboy04, FunkyMunkey, NewSuperMario, CBitt, Minebait, Vellaris, pettyGamingHD, lorenzo03102000, FriskTemmie, Matheus RSL, User3053599G, PodPivko, pacvs and Chimerabot for the diamonds, I appreciate it!
06/22/2017 4:15 pm
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Had a lot of fun testing out this map and playing it with you. A great idea that is a fun addition to a survival world even if people want to survival mainly and have this as an additional task at some point. It works in many ways :)
10/10 would recommend
06/22/2017 4:18 pm
Level 69 : High Grandmaster Engineer
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Thanks for commenting :D
Indeed, it's your choice how fast you want to grow the village. If desired, you could even give yourself the survival resources in creative and solely play the core game (creating and managing the village).
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