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Update: It's been 3 years since i started this project. The new pictures show the latest progress. I've been without a computer for these 3 years. I'm not sure this project will ever be finished because i'm busy and i don't want to sit behind my computer all day. building in minecraft. Anyway here's the latest progress.

Here is a gothic cathedral that i am working on. It was intended to be a smaller church but ended up as this big building. Even though most of the buildings "physical" dimensions are almost complete i am not even halfway yet. The interior and exterior lacks detailing. There is a giant spire over the transept which i have yet to construct. The roof needs detailing and interior detailing. The floor takes a loooong time to get done haha. Also the choir lacks.

This church is inspired by two of my favourite churches in the world. The first is cologne dom in germany. The other is La sagrada familia in spain. I've visited both and is is breathtaking architecture and beautiful art.

After my church is done i think of building a city around it or something else.

I've added pictures from the game, mcedit (because the building is too big to be seen in it's whole in minecraft) and chunky. It is being built solo by me and no mods or mcedit is being used

I just wanted to share this project :) More pictures will come as the construction rises...
Progress: 30% Complete

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  • Coolwhacka
  • Level 26
  • Expert Architect
  • November 4, 2013, 3:28 pm
Very cool! I love the detail, especially in the rose window.

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