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Griffin - Annihilation map for Shotbow (Proposal)

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Annihilation Map - Griffin
Map submission for Griffin v1.0
(Annihilation is a game in which there are 4 teams and 5 phases, each phase has different things that happen. Each team also tries to destroy the other teams Nexus which has 75 points by default. I recommend this game if you haven't tried it yet. us.shotbow.net )

View the original post HERE on shotbow.net

>> Video by Miyuka, huge thanks! <<

Griffin - Annihilation map for Shotbow (Proposal) Minecraft Map

Griffin - Annihilation map for Shotbow (Proposal) Minecraft Map

Griffin - Annihilation map for Shotbow (Proposal) Minecraft Map

Imgur Album 1 (Special Thanks to Miyuka): http://imgur.com/a/Z2BY0
Imgur Album 2: http://imgur.com/a/hZBhW
Imgur Album 3: http://imgur.com/a/6wkfY


>> Map Concept <<

Griffin is based off of an original structure I was planning for MineZ but I ended up turning it into an Annihilation map. While the structure was not originally planned for this, I surely kept pvp in mind as I continued to build the rest of the map. Each mine and farm is placed in special positions to be both beneficial and risky at the same moment.

Mines (per base):
- (Not per base) - Diamonds: 15 ores

- Emerald: 8 ores
- Gold: 15 ores
- Iron 1: 19 ores
- Iron 2: 15 ores
- Coal 1: 16 ores
- Coal 2: 17 ores
- Lapis: 10 ores
- Redstone: 8 ores

Map Size is 351x351
There are 2 emerald mines and 2 boss locations.
- The 2 emerald mines are in between blue & red as well as in between green & yellow.
- The 2 boss locations are in between blue & green as well as red & yellow.

Bases have the following:
- Portal
- Weapon & Brewing shop
- Wool, food, wood supplies, and all the mines mentioned above
- 1 Level 30 enchantment table
- 1 Low level enchantment table
- Nexus, Enderfurnace, Chests, and Crafting Tables

Unfortunately I do not have a schematic up for grabs.

Special thanks
Miyuka (Lots of photos contributed, epic cinematic of the map)

Updated on 12/6/16
If you've made it this far I must say thank you. It seems much appreciated when people read the whole thread because I admit, there is a lot of work and thought process in making an Annihilation map.
I want to thank everyone who is supporting this map! Also, I want to thank everyone who wants to give constructive criticism, or constructive compliments about the map. Everyone can learn some more from other people!
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