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Gulliver Mod | 1.9 Vanilla Minecraft

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Shawndoan's Avatar Shawndoan
Level 32 : Artisan Architect
Hi! Welcome to my version of the Gulliver Mod in Vanilla 1.9.
Edit: Discontinued for now.

What is the Gulliver Mod?
-A mod that allows your to shrink and grow.

What has been changed?
-Cannot shrink/grow other entities
-Different crafting recipes
-Only drinkable, two-minute-long potions
-Shrunken player cannot walk through .5 block holes-- only 1 block holes.

How do I install it?
1.Make sure you have MCedit installed.
2. Download the shcematic
3. Open a world in MCedit (NOTE: The world must be preloaded through minecraft in 1.9)
4. Click "Import" and locate the "Gulliver Mod Vanilla 1.9."
5. Place it anywhere you want
6. Close MCedit, open Minecraft, then open the world.
7. Click the sign "[Activate]" and you are good to go!

How do I shrink or grow?
1.Place a cauldron down and fill it with water.
2. Throw in a glass bottle. Particles should apear. (If you break the cauldron at THIS time, you will get your bottle back.
3. Throw in either of the following options (Also, more purple particles will apear):
-Mushroom Stew + Prismarine Crystals = Potion of Shrinking (2:00)
-Beetroot Soup + Any sapling type = Potion of Growth (2:00)
4. Wait a little under 20 seconds and do not break the cauldron. (No refunds now!)
5. The corresponding potion will apear and the cauldron should be drained.
(All of this info is listed my clicking the sign on the machine.)
6. Drink the potion, and you should slowly transform.

What can I do shrunken or grown?
-Walk through 1-block high holes
-Look cool as little particles
-Not much else
-If killed, you become big again.
-Pave over grass and flowers
- Get a view from high up
-Hit in one of the 4 directions or down to break blocks (This uses Tnt of course)
-Normal mechanics, although glitchy, remain relatively the same such as picking up items on the ground or not being able to walk through blocks.
-If you are killed (i.e. the giant beneath you) then you die and become normal again.

Known issues:
-Tiny people can sometimes glitch through the ground
-They can be pushed out of blocks if there is an air space nearby.
-Occationally, they glitch and can't walk through a block at times. Usually this is fixed by jumping.
-Giants can have a bit of strafing due to barriers pushing them or the "Hit detection" pushing them
-When spawning in, if there is a cave beneath you, your giant can get stuck in it.

Closing Information:
This was originally going to be a "One Commandblock" installation, however, bugs prevented this. Also, there is a lever included with the machine to toggle on/off. This has been in developement for quite some time, so I hope you like it! Thats all for now! Cya!

CreditIJAminecraft for a similiar crawling mechanic.
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Update : by Shawndoan 06/01/2016 4:40:14 pmJun 1st, 2016

Note: This was developed in the 1.9 SNAPshots and is somewhat outdated (some features do not work as well.) This may or may not be updated to make use of some 1.10 features.

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01/02/2017 12:39 pm
Level 26 : Expert Architect
Jimmy_g12's Avatar
i kepe falling thro the foor
05/21/2016 4:01 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
LirekPL's Avatar
This product needs to be developed, but I feel it would be good. My English may be bad.
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