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avatar Archiminer
Level 1 : New Crafter
This is Handelburg, a fictional abandoned German town based off of Chernobyl. For now it consists of only a nuclear power plant(100% done) and a radio station(100% done). I am actively working on this project and hope to finish it before summer 2019. current objects under construction are:

Current objects under construction
Ambient Surroundings(Telephone poles, huts, ruins, fences, etc)
List of buildings(planned & done)
1 City/town
1 Nuclear power plant(done)
1 Satellite station(done)
5 Farms
10 Random huts & ruins(10% done)
And a lot of raw cool for you to mine :)

I put this under 3D art for a reason. I say that this world is more artwork than functional creation. But if you want to slay zombies in an abandoned nuclear reactor I'm completely fine with that too!

When I make this available to download, please don't steal the map. I have hidden credits for myself everywhere, and players WILL find out. Message me if you want to use the map.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more updates!
CreditBetter Builder's Wands, WorldEdit, and the power of raw cool.
Progress35% complete

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