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Hide And Seek (based on gmod hide and seek)

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blazeman1337's Avatar blazeman1337
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Hello! I was originally going to upload it when it was done, but i couldnt wait, so here is a 50% done version, 2 of the 4 maps are done, nether and city, i am sorry that they arent that big, believe me, mineshaft is huge! (im working on mineshaft). now to the point.
Welcome to Hide And Seek a fun minigame to play with your friends! Dont worry about fighting to who is going to be seeker, the seeker is randomized! The seeker starts with 4 buffs for 30 seconds, they are all negative, Blindness Slowness Weakness and jump boost, and you might think, But jumpboost isnt negative? it is when its super high, you wont be able to jump :/
This minigame is based on Garry's mod Hide And Seek so you might come across some simularities :D
Rules: Multiplayer, and once you get the buffs as seeker, DONT drink milk if you get annoyed, they are there for a reason! Dont give yourself unneeded buffs.

I hope you enjoy my (half done) map!
Progress50% complete

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08/05/2015 7:13 pm
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Nice work so far!  Keep it up!
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