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Hook, Line, & Creeper | 1.19.x Grappling Hook PvP

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Strongis13 avatar Strongis13
Level 13 : Journeyman Pirate
You all bought it! Hook, Line, and Creeper!
This Team Deathmatch game mode features custom grappling hooks as weapons, allowing for an exciting and chaotic combat system that often results in multiple "WTF" moments per game! As players gain kills they are rewarded with gold, which they can spend at the shops for custom items and stat upgrades. Be the first team to reach the chosen victory condition to win!

This map is a Minecraft recreation of the popular Warcraft 3 custom map Pudge Wars created by Tossrock and updated by Siraraz.
Configure most game settings from the lobby, including:
-Victory condition
-Gold cost of shop items (shift+right click to enter a custom value!)
-Background music

Resource Pack
This map has one required resource pack (included in world as resources.zip), and multiple expansion resource packs that add new soundtracks that can be selected from the lobby.
Download links to each resource pack:

Basic Pack- This is the same as the included resources.zip, just as a standalone download

Classic Expansion Pack- Contains the first soundtrack created for this map

Eurobeat Expansion Pack- Contains a full playlist of only Eurobeat songs

Complete Pack- Contains all the previous packs combined into one

~To install an expansion pack: Simply drag the .zip file into your resource pack folder, enable the resource pack, then select the soundtrack you wish to use from the Hook, Line, & Creeper in-game lobby!
*Expansion packs are not a replacement for the basic pack! Your desired expansion must be loaded with the basic pack at all times! This does not apply if you are using the Complete pack.

Map Info

-Versions: 1.19+ Map is saved in 1.19.2 but will work in other 1.19.x versions.
-Servers: Vanilla and Paper are tested and working. Paper forks are untested!
-Github: Here you can find github links for the Datapack and complete Resource pack.

Message me on discord @Strongis13#6811 or join our server discord.gg/pong and go to #minecraft
CreditStrongis13, Soccby
Progress100% complete

2 Update Logs

v1.1.0 Update (1.19.3) : by Strongis13 12/21/2022 1:28:02 pmDec 21st, 2022

-Added an information board to the lobby, allowing players to read information about various game mechanics
-Added a "/trigger surrender" command to allow a team to vote on forfeiting
-Added a new function "/function pudge:general/end_game" to allow for admins to quickly end a game manually

-BUGFIX: fixed typo in command to play strad music disc from default soundtrack
-BUGFIX: fixed a problem with the calculation for automatically determining the amount of kills on the "Adjusted for Player Count" setting
-BUGFIX: fixed a problem that could cause the map to not reset correctly when using the time victory condition
-BUGFIX: added extra barriers around the exterior of the map to prevent players from being able to escape using the grappling hook
-BUGFIX: fixed a problem which let players buy multiple ranged attack power potions at once, infinitely stacking their damage
-Updated the resource pack to support 1.19.3
-Updated the file structure of the resource pack to move files out of the minecraft namespace and into a custom one
-Set music files in resourcepack "stream" to true
-Changed the model of the empty ability slot item to be invisible from a 3rd person perspective
-Changed the Soundtrack settings sign to use translated text which will update to show when players have successfully installed expansion resource packs

-Tips will no longer automatically display to players in the lobby; they have been replaced by the information board

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01/09/2023 3:26 am
Level 8 : Apprentice Miner
Manoanoob avatar
Wow this is my new favorite map to play with friends! Hope there will be more updates :o
01/09/2023 4:15 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Pirate
Strongis13 avatar
We will take suggestions for new features!
01/11/2023 8:01 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Miner
Manoanoob avatar
I asked my friends, and their main complaint was there was only RNG ways to defend yourself. So they suggested a parry or escape mechanic, and more losing team bonuses and possible map variety. Other than that, great amazing game!
01/11/2023 9:51 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Pirate
Strongis13 avatar
Your teammates serve an important role for defense. If you are caught by a hook from the enemy team, a teammate can shoot you and deny the kill. Dying in this way has no downsides to you, and also stops the enemy team from getting gold or points. I understand not wanting to rely on teammates though, so I will try to think of some options for self defense.
11/08/2022 11:21 am
Level 1 : New Miner
ZeroIceBear avatar
Game cutscenes and unique mechanics, this map is awesome!
11/08/2022 4:24 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Pirate
Strongis13 avatar
Glad to hear it!
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