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[Horror Map] 1.9.4 | The Cursed Marionette

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Tsunami67's Avatar Tsunami67
Level 46 : Master Fox
"There's more than one world in this world... Can you feel it ?

You will soon be welcome there..."

You like horror ? Well, this one is new !

I'll warn you RIGHT NOW: This map is not for people with heart conditions !!! But you already guessed...

To begin, here's the Trailer of the Map !

(Please enable the subtitles because it's in French)


Whelloooooo everybody !

Today, I'll present you my second map on Minecraft, and the first horror map made by me. It's called:

The Cursed Marionette !

Goal of this adventure

Investigate in a castle owned by a rich family, which is victim of... strange events , and find out what's going on.

[This map is only playable in color=#0000ff]Solo[/color] and in 1.9.4 ! It's possible that I edit this map into a multiplayer map, but only if a lot of people wants to.]
For the story, it's inside the map, so I won't tell it here :D

What's inside:

-In this map, You'll have to get past long hallways, small rooms, big rooms, basements, illusions, and plenty of other horrible things...

-During your adventure, You will find chests with BOOKS inside it which tells you the story of the map and the actual situation... So collect them all ! (Catch 'em all !...)
-You will be manipulated a lot in this map, because as the title says, You will have to confront some sort of"Marionette" which will have the pleasure to play with you... :3

Here's some more screenshots:

Spoiler - click to reveal

-If you are stuck, search EVERYWHERE, get back to see unlocked doors etc...

That's it ! I hope my map will be a pleasure to play and, see you soon, BYE !
CreditTsunami67, MrIlni
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Texts Update! : by Tsunami67 08/03/2016 6:08:29 pmAug 3rd, 2016

MODIFICATIONS- Some indications were confused and players were easily lost. This has been corrected by adding some clarification in some texts in the map.
ADDITIONS- A cutscene has been added somewhere in the map to show what doors has been unlocked. This has been added after a big confusion on where to go at a certain point in the map.
That's it! Bye!

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07/21/2016 6:44 pm
Level 46 : Master Fox
Tsunami67's Avatar
Go check out the trailer! Everybody liked this map, so why don't playing this map ? :)
07/11/2016 11:47 am
Level 47 : Master Modder
WorldEditorRP's Avatar
Amazing! You got a diamond
07/11/2016 5:17 pm
Level 46 : Master Fox
Tsunami67's Avatar
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