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Hour Island | Ice Boat Race Track

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Bluleader64's Avatar Bluleader64
Level 39 : Artisan Blueberry
A racetrack that blends racing simulators and Minecraft using boats on ice physics,
take long turns, drift sharp chicanes, reach speeds on the straightaways and hit the perfect driving line!

Hour island gets its name from the time it took to build this course. yes! one hour! Modern Minecraft tools have improved the efficiency of builds over the years, and I wanted to show how fast these tools really are. Props to the creators of Worldedit and Worldpainter for making our live so, so, much easier.
This course could definitely do with some improvements, but I think I will leave it how it is.

as for the Feeling Frosty Winter Community Event, The use of ice in a very warm island, probably isn't what you'd expect but hey, lets just say the matinence crew keeps it cold yeah?

Common Questions:

What version of Minecraft is this on?

  It is built in 1.17, but should work on most versions of Minecraft. (1.7 I think is the limit).

How did you build this?

  WorldPainter and WorldEdit.

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ATTENTION: If you want to use this map publicly, leave credits to me (Bluleader64).
Stuff used in the Images (not required!)
Shaders: BSL
Texturepack: BetterVanillaBuilding & Vanilla Tweaks
Progress100% complete

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