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How to enchant ANY item in minecraft using NBTedit.

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Sorry for some choppy audio and tiny letters.

Nbtedit: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/6661-nbtedit/

Enchantment Levels!
Armor Enchanments:
0-Protection-Increased Protection
1-Fire Protection-Less fire damage
2-Feather Falling(Boots only)-Less fall damage
3-Blast Protection-Less blast damage
4-Projectile Protection-Less projectile damage
5-Respiration(Helmet Only)-More breathing time under water
6-Aqua Affinity(Helmet only)-Increased underwater mining rate

Sword Enchantments:
16-Sharpness-More damage per hit
17-Smite-Extra damage to zombies, zombie pigmen and skeletons
18-Bane of Arthropods-Extra damage to spiders (Both kinds) and silverfish
19-Knockback-Knocks back the mob that gets hit
20-Fire Aspect-Lights mobs on fire
21-Looting-Mobs have a chance to drop more loot

Pickaxe/Shovel/Axe Enchantments:
32-Effeciency-Faster mining speed
33-Silk Touch-Blocks mined drop the block that they are (Stone drops Stone instead of Cobblestone)
34-Unbreaking-Sometimes the durability will not be spent
35-Fortune-Blocks have a chance to drop more blocks

Bow Enchantments:
48-Power-Extra damage
49-Punch-Knockback effect on mobs
50-Flame-Sets arrows and mobs on fire
51-Infinity-As long as there is one arrow in your inventory, you will have infinite arrows

link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uhXD7UhHJE

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