IJAMinecraft Boss Battle in Two Commands!

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avatar EnderMatrul
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Command 1
Command 2

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT affiliated with IJAMinecraft, it is simply a fan made creation.

This post is for a Two command block Creation that allows you to have a boss battle against IJAMinecraft Himself!

Q: How do I get this in my world?
A: Just copy and paste the text from this link: pastebin.com
Then this link: pastebin.com
Into two command blocks(Make sure they are at least 15 blocks away from each other).
Activate the blocks with a Redstone signal(Redstone Torch, Redstone block, button, lever, etc.), stand back, you may get caught in it!
If the machines don't pop out, watch this video by IJAMinecraft, it should have an explanation in there: www.youtube.com/watch?v=aI65BukfBjw

Q: Great, I Got the machine going, How do I summon the boss?
A: 1: Make sure you are prepared, this boss is tough, I Recommend at least diamond gear and some golden apples!
2: Place down a Redstone block following with an armor stand on top.
3: He will appear on a command block with a Redstone force field around him, causing him to take no damage at all, you will have to survive his attacks first!
4: He will create an arena of obsidian around him, if you go out of this arena, you will fail instantly!
5: He attacks in a rotation of abilities, in this order:
-Meteor Shower
-Melee attacks
-Redstone Minions
-Squid Bombs
6: You can only deal damage to him while he is using his melee attacks, so try to stay alive!

Q: Can you give an explanation of his abilities?
A: If you want to Find out yourself, I Suggest you don't read this, But those who wish to understand his abilities fully, Read on!

TNT: He summons TNT over your head, Though if you survive it he sends them in faster and faster, he will eventually get tired and angry, making him use the next attack.

Meteor shower: He will target you with flaming lasers, these won't hurt you, but it shows where the meteors will come down, so try to avoid them and go to the area with the least amount of lasers. If you successfully avoid the lasers and don't get bombarded with fireballs, he will move on to the next attack.

Melee Attacks: He is certainly mad now, his fingers hurt from typing all those commands! He will come down and attack you himself, beware, he is extremely fast, doesn't take much knockback, and deals a lot of damage! If you fight him off for some time, he will get worried about losing too much health and retreat to his force field for protection.

Redstone Minions: He will build and send down a bunch of little Redstone minions, these do minor damage, but are pretty fast, if you kill them all he will move to the next attack

Squid Bombs: IJA sure loves his squid bombs, and are using them against you! He will throw a squid into the air, and it will fall exploding in mid-air, but a bunch of Exploding Ink Sacks will come out blasting you into millions of pieces!! If you avoid and survive these squid bombs, he will restart the rotation going back to his TNT Attack.

Q: How much health does he have? What happens when you kill him?
A: He has 150 HP, If you kill him he will drop a bunch of
-Redstone blocks(8)
-And even a command block!

This Two command block creation was created all by me(EndersRealmMC), but I took inspiration from the command block/Redstone genius IJAMinecraft since I'm a fan of him, I thought I'd create this for him ;)
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11/16/2015 4:49 am
Level 81 : Elite Engineer
That's awesome! Thanks! ;)
11/16/2015 2:21 pm
Level 24 : Expert Engineer
You're welcome! And thank you for the inspiration to make this ;D
11/12/2015 9:50 pm
Level 57 : Grandmaster Modder
11/13/2015 6:58 pm
Level 24 : Expert Engineer
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