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Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
Originally an idea for an RP server, in which you would pick from one of four sides to fight, with a moderator camp down in the south in a ruined missile silo complex. Far from completion: one of the sides (supposed to be in the extreme hills next to the big jungle) was never started, the faction in the jungle was recently started (you'll have to search for the encampments), the desert city is complete, but the rest of that faction's stuff isn't, and the industrialized city from which the server was to take its name (that's Industry, by the way) have been completed. All in game writing has yet to take place- an update wiped out all the signs, so I removed them. A few pieces of lore have been written and put in game. It's still large, and there are a few buildings scattered outside the main settlements, and even some ruins. Have fun exploring, and hopefully, I'll be able to put in some backstory in-game so you're not entirely lost.
Progress: 40% Complete

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The download doesn't work (as of Aug 20). Did you compress the folder into a zip file and put it into your public folder? After that, you have to select "copy public link."

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