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Itocapehua - Fantasy Meso-American Mayan/Aztec inspired ruins - Fables and Fantasy RP

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Deep in the jungle Yectic-Cuauhtla is the city of Itocapehuatlaca. In this city lives the Cuetzlhuatl: a race of lizard-like humanoids, known as reptillians, or lizard-men to others around Eden. The Cuetzlhuatl are a misunderstood people. Most people around Eden would likely interact with travelling merchants from the jungle, or more likely, meet one of the many travelling mercenary women known as the Tlaquehualli in Nacuetzl, the Cuetzlhuatl’s native language. Though they could be called mercenaries, there is more nuance to this culture of warrior women who travel the land. They’re all bound by a code of honour, and it is thought that wherever these women travel, they bring Itocapehua with them. In their eyes, Itocapehua is a state of mind.

The actual city of Itocapehuatlaca, and by extension, the nation of Itocapehua, is rather different from the mercantiles or mercenaries that tend to travel the land. The capital city is brimming with artwork, delicious food, and music. The majority of the Cuetzlhuatl who live there tend to be artisans, putting everything into their crafts. Of course, the city can also be rather intimidating with their heavy usage of slave-labour, and a rather tense divide between the aristocracy and the peasantry. Overall, tourism in Itocapehuatlaca is not only common, but it’s welcome.

Itocapehua as a nation, is rather matriarchal. This is more so due to Cuetzlhuatl physiology. Females of these people tend to be larger, stronger, and more dominant than the males, and their religion is centred around a Queen Dragon. Thus, their ruler (The Mulata) and their High Priestess/Oracle (The Liuhqui) are both women. Both are treated as rulers of Itocapehua, even though only the Mulata lives within the capital. The Liuhqui lives on one of the volcanic islands to the east of Yectic-Cuahtla, tending to the volcano where their Queen sleeps.

Right now nothing of their society remains but ruins scattered across the greart southern jungle. But one day one might awake them.


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03/23/2022 9:56 am
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How do I download this?
03/18/2022 10:12 am
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Is there a way to download this?
09/19/2021 11:17 am
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Is it possible for me to download this?
09/16/2021 1:16 pm
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Man, I wish I had original minecraft to play on this server, it looks so beautiful!!
Your maps are litelly the prettiest ones I've ever seen on planetminecraft
09/17/2021 8:09 am
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Fables and Fantasy RP
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Thank you so much!
09/15/2021 10:08 am
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Woah dude! This is such a cool map!
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