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Jungle Treetop village

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avatar bigcalm
Level 23 : Expert Architect
A large treetop village that contains large numbers of walkways between large jungle trees, several houses and even farms in the canopy.

Based partly on the Ewok village from Star Wars, partly on Lothlorien from Lord of the Rings and partly on the treehouse in Fantasy World Dizzy, the treetop village features very little at ground level - the idea was to make the village consist almost solely in the treetops, and be "natural" jungle at ground level. The layout of the village is intended to be tricky to navigate, with another "hidden gem" just around the next walkway[1].

There is no stone at all in any of construction[2] - it is entirely build of jungle trees, "expanded" trees[3], and the walkways are constructed of oak planks (largely because jungle planks look ugly and don't fit the theme!).

Warning: The jungle floor in places is very dark, meaning mobs can occasionally spawn during daytime - this is intentional! The walkways and houses -should- be safe from monster's spawning.

Would suit an adventure map and can be easily adapted for such a thing.

[1] Which makes it tricky to photograph!
[2] There is a stone brick path that leads through the desert away from the village, and some nice stone brickwork effect to hide some catacombs, but nothing in the village itself.
[3] Expanded trees are even larger versions of jungle trees - always hollow and containing rooms and furnishings, and normally have a well hidden door at ground level which contains a room with a ladder up to the proper village. Built of jungle logs for consistency with the surroundings.

Additional Notes

This was constructed entirely without mods in survival mode - and the amount of wood required was simply staggering, and because I was aiming for "zero impact" at the ground level, all trees/saplings had to be grown and obtained from nearby.

It's listed as 85% complete, because although all buildings and walkways exist that I want to exist, there's a few things that really need finishing
* Furnishing, interior walls and floors need to be added in most of the expanded trees
* The ground floor needs tidying and fleshing out - make even more jungle-like than minecraft jungle. All torches at ground level need to be taken out and any doors need to be more heavily disguised. In addition, adding random plantings of potatos/carrots at ground level would flesh out the look, and there are some areas of the base jungle that could do with filling in a bit.
* Some of the houses require furnishings.
* The expanded trees need more foliage adding at the top - they look a bit sparse in places.
Progress85% complete
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