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Kingdom 2015 (1.18+)

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Kingdom 2015

Origins - Started construction in 2015 | walls were finished in 1.12 | castle was finished in 1.14 | terraforming was finished in 1.15 | harbor was finished in 1.16

Tree Stump Lore - The giant smoking tree stump is a tribute to my doggo that passed away the night I built the stump, henceforth the collie on the front of the stump. The lore is that long ago a village resided around this giant tree that magically grew to sizes never seen before. With it came a mysterious reddish colored stone that could power things. One day the tree was struck down by lightning and put an end to the village, but the ruins have been preserved almost perfectly to this day.

Easter Eggs - One day I hope that this map is used for a giant hide and seek game, as there are plenty of little hiding spots I put around the map that would make this perfect for hide and seek. Unfortunately, it would have to be a rather large game of hide and seek considering the size of the map and the level of detail in some areas. I know this isn't no team built map, but I am a little proud of what I've managed to do by myself.

Visual Effects - This map looks best with shaders and the Conquest texture pack. I'll leave links below. The shaders I used were Sildurs Vibrant Shaders and in the screenshots I was using the Faithful 32x32 resource pack, the pack I use for building because I know that some people play on Apple devices and can't run resource packs (#PCmasterrace).

Conquest Texture Pack - https://www.planetminecraft.com/texture-pack/conquest-32x32/


1/7/2022 -   
Uploaded to PlanetMinecraft
       Finished one of the mines
       Added lights to the woodland village
CreditConquest Texture Pack - Monsterfish_ | Faithful Texture Pack - Faithful | Sildurs Vibrant Shaders - Sildur
Progress80% complete

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