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The Three Kingdoms
Explore a magical world, of the three kingdoms.

The Sky Kingdom is a kingdom that resides on the surface of the world, close to sky on a plateau. The most powerful people there fly.

The Sea Kingdom is a kingdom that resides nestled between coral reefs in a shallow ocean, with 4 towers climbing above the surface.

The Land Kingdom is a kingdom that resides underneath the world itself, with minimal contact to the surface. It's great chambers are like a maze.

Information (IMPORTANT)
The three kingdoms are not finished, heck the Land Kingdom literally doesn't exist yet and the Sea Kingdom I've only just started. The Sky Kingdom is the most finished, but it's even only like 30% done itself. The Sea Kingdom only consists of 4 partially complete towers.

You will spawn underneath the main building due to how Minecraft works when it spawns players. I placed a bunch of signs, you'll know what to do. Take the bridge and go to the Magic Center, there you will find 2 (3 in the future) "magical" teleporters to take you to the landing spot in the Sky Kingdom on Castle Road or to a temporary landing site on top of one tower in the Sea Kingdom. Keep in mind nothing is final.

Download Instructions
Unzip the file and place it in the "saves" folder in the Minecraft game files. Many tutorials can be found online and on YouTube for additional guidance.

Tools Used
BlingEdit - original video (updates have been made) - manual = used to build and clone a lot of stuff. Wouldn't have done this without it.

Command generator = used in the "command block magic" for creating custom armor and items.

nothing is final.
This is a Work In Progress from one player.

This is my first thing I've ever shared. Feedback is appreciated!
Progress15% complete

6 Update Logs

Update 3-18-19 : 03/18/2019 6:46:01 pmMar 18th, 2019

BIG UPDATE! Lot's of new features to the Sky Kingdom
- This version will include an updated logo!
- Finished terraforming the beta district
- New house in the beta District of Sky Kingdom
- Extended and lit up paths in the beta district
- Removed the ugly teleporter from the beta district
- Finished the rest of the pathway for the Delta District
- Lit every window of MoonTower
- Built another house in the Beta District
- (some things that i forgot, so most likely fixing stuff and small details.)
- added a secret
- Made the bridge deployable and retractable with structure and command blocks! It's even animated!
- Made a seperate room in the station for extending/retracting the bridge
- Added some to the back of the castle, in the big box
- Changed up the front of the castle a little

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