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Lambda-class T-4a shuttle | Tydirium | [2:1]

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Level 39 : Artisan Geek
Hey, after 1 month I finally did some renders for the Lambda-class.^^
If you liked it give it a diamond and dont forget to give me any suggestions if you dont liked it :3

Tydirium was a Imperial Lambda-class T-4a shuttle. Stolen by Sullustan Nien Nunbfrom the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Shieldmaiden during a diversionary mission called Operation Yellow Moon leading up to the events of the Battle of Endor, it was used by the Alliance to Restore the Republic to transport General Han Soloand his strike team to Endor to knock out the shield generator that was protecting the second Death Star.[5]

A hyperdrive-equipped multi-purpose transport, the Lambda-class T-4a shuttle was developed by Sienar Fleet Systems for use in the Imperial Navy. Measuring 20 meters in length, the Lambda-class could attain a max speed of 850 kph, and was one of the more common Imperial ships found throughout the galaxy—along with its nearly-identical counterpart, the Sentinel-class landing craft. It had three wings: one tall, dorsal stabilizerthat remained stationary, and two lower articulated flanking wings. While in flight, the wings folded outwards for greater stabilization, while during landing procedures the wings folded inward, reducing the vessels silhouette. This triangular shape was considered elegant and a departure from the Empire's usually crude designs.

Although Lambda-class craft could be flown by a single pilot, the presence of a copilot/navigator made it much easier, especially when traveling through hyperspace. Additionally, in order to prove that the shuttle crew was working for the Empire, Lambda-class T-4a shuttles utilized special transponders to transmit secret codes to Star Destroyers.

Despite the elegance of the Lambda-class's outer design, the inside of many shuttles often reeked of stale sweat owing to the numerous perspiring stormtroopers they hauled across the galaxy. Moreover, bored troopers were known to scratch their operating numbers on every available surface.

A well-armed vessel, the Lambda-class T-4a shuttle was equipped with two forward-facing double laser cannons, two forward-facing wing-mounted double cannons, and a retractable rear-mounted double laser cannon.

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FinnMcShipbuilder did the 4th render
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Update #1 : 08/13/2019 5:14:40 amAug 13th, 2019

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01/09/2019 3:46 am
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ta taa taa taaa ta ta ta taa ta ta
01/05/2019 3:26 pm
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It looks so perfect!
01/05/2019 3:32 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Geek
thank you so much :3, next star wars ship will be the Consular-class cruiser ;) 1.5:1
01/05/2019 4:21 pm
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oooooh! That will be cool!
01/05/2019 8:59 am
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Great job! Diamond from me!
01/05/2019 9:02 am
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01/05/2019 5:32 am
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01/05/2019 5:46 am
Level 39 : Artisan Geek
Thank you :)
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