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Lockheed Martin Havoc

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avatar CubeeTek
Level 20 : Expert Robot

The Lockheed Martin Havoc is a joint project based off the Patria AMV. Patria and Lockheed Martin have decided to work together to compete for the marine personnel carrier competition .

The version I made here was a base model of the vehicle, and has been outfitted with TnT resistant materials and is armoured enough to protect it from TnT blasts almost anywhere on the vehicle. (weak points are at the rear below the doors, the top of the vehicle near the drivers seat) All in all this vehicle is very TnT resistant and can withstand multiple hits from multiple places.

This vehicle also features sturdier "wheels" which uses stained clay instead of wool to further block TnT blasts. All stained clay blocks are "armoured" plating for the vehicle which can be found on the bottom of the vehicle and the interior of it. I tried to make sure that the look of the vehicle wasn't hindered by the armour plating.

Like the real life version of this vehicle, this vehicle can carry 2 crew members, and up to an additional 9 soldiers/people.

I hope you guys enjoy this build, and remember to check out my other related military projects on my page. :)
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  • July 31, 2013, 11:22 pm
wOW :3

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