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Lucky Block Race

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KingOfMadness's Avatar KingOfMadness
Level 24 : Expert Dragon
Hello! ,Here is my map I made with MangoWasTaken and Checkpoint2.
This is a map for a lucky block race, featuring a lucky block race with checkpoints, a finish line and a massive colosseum as a battle arena at the end to fight with the gear you have earned from the race.

If you use this map for any video or use this map for public you must credit it by linking this map in the description of the video and say it was by us.

What you will need:

You will need to have forge in the minecraft version 1.17.1 and you will have to download the lucky block mod and put it into your mods folder
and if this is on the server u must add the mod to your server as well. Enjoy!


Discord: discord.com/invite/s8ugvtSfbW
Twitch: www.twitch.tv/kingofmadnessstreams
Twitter: twitter.com/KingOfMadnessYT
Reddit: www.reddit.com/user/KingOfMadness8
Instagram: www.instagram.com/kingofmadnessyt/

How to play:

(You can play it differently if you want but this is how we did it)
You can play up to 3 players/teams, select one of the coloured track each. Sleep in the start bed for your colour. Take some scaffolding blocks to bridge if the raceway is destroyed e.g. TNT from a Lucky Block, you can bridge over to continue. The purple team player should ideally be the leader, as they press the button to start the race. Check everybody is ready to begin, and then press the button. The concrete powder will drop showing the race track. You must walk across the race track by breaking every Lucky Block on it. There will be Checkpoints along the race track for each colour, where you will see a bed. You must set your spawn in your colour bed as some of these Lucky Blocks were deadly or destructive and can kill you. When you reach the end of the track, the first person to walk on their pressure plate will win the race. If you want, you could end it here, however this map has a battle arena on it as well. Simply walk on the pressure plate to be teleported into the colosseum with places to get prepared for the fight.
When you are ready click the button and begin the fight when everyone has pressed the button. You will fight to the death and the winner will win.

Game Rules:

1) Do not go onto the other colour's track.
2)No pvp until the battle arena.
3)Sleep at all the checkpoints.
4) Be in survival mode the whole race and go into adventure mode for the fight.

Thanks! -
CreditCheckpoint2 and MangoWasTaken
Progress100% complete

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12/18/2021 3:41 pm
Level 24 : Expert Dragon
KingOfMadness's Avatar
Hope you guys Enjoy!
12/19/2021 2:51 am
Level 1 : New Miner
CHECKPOINT__2's Avatar
12/19/2021 3:07 am
Level 24 : Expert Dragon
KingOfMadness's Avatar
Btw this is one of the people that helped me make the map.
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