Makutu Region

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Level 12 : Journeyman Pokemon
Welcome to the Makutu Region!

In this fantastical region, you will find yourself navigating through many different towns, all, apart from two, in which hold their gym or challenge to overcome.

Your journey starts in the small town of Fenton, where you and your rival Desmond will make your way through the gyms and take the region by storm.

Your journey ends in the city of Javern where you face the league and the champion Zoe. You will look back at the towns and all the challenges you go through with such pride as you take the crown of being champion.

Makutu has a lot of content to offer than just the gyms and the towns. There are marketplaces, treasures, secrets, lore and much more that you'll be discovering before, during and after the completion of your journey.

Makutu is a fan-made region. It is not part of the Pokemon franchise and was created by me.
The map I am using was created originally by AquaLessPantsu. It is called 'Saich Punch' and is a worldpainter map. I have used this map, not to steal it or profit from it but because it fits perfectly with the region and I believe that my building and terraforming skills will make my project different enough to their upload. If they have any issues with me using their upload then I will be deleting this immediately.
The resource pack is made by Annahstas and is called 'Beastrinia', I use it in my screenshots so the map looks more Pokemon esc. I would recommend that you consider downloading it, it's an amazing resource pack!

Building the region had been delayed for a few weeks as I had to take care of some college assignments but I am working on this once again and more should be completed by the end of next week, I'm hoping 10%. This is a long term project and I hope you're all as excited for this as I am!
12/05/20: I have completed the sign that introduces people into the starting town and am progressively working on the pokemon lab and the surroundings, once Fenton is finished the map will be at 10% complete and I will be working on the next town.
13/05/20: I have finished the pokemon lab (home of the professor) and added a lot more scenery as well as a clear route toward the next town, I will probably finish this route tomorrow, add some touch-ups and then change the progress to 10% complete.
16/06/20: Finished Fenton and Route 1, onwards to route 2! 10% complete!
Progress10% complete
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