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1920's, Manhattan-Based, Setback-Style Office Building

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Ooh Wee! First building upload in nearly three months. Here's a lil' something new.

Ok so basically I went out to the movies in Manhattan like in February or somethin
g & I took the time to notice all the buildings which had like this step design towards the top. There's a bunch of these step-like buildings in Manhattan, which are said to have a "Setback" design. Here's a few examples of these abundant Manhattan step buildings in the city, if you're a bit confused.

1920's, Manhattan-Based, Setback-Style Office Building Minecraft Map

1920's, Manhattan-Based, Setback-Style Office Building Minecraft Map
1920's, Manhattan-Based, Setback-Style Office Building Minecraft Map

Alright, is it clear enough now? Oh shoot, all of these pictures might've messed up the way the page looks, but anywaaay....

So you get it now, right? It looks like these buildings have steps above their bases. So... why were they even designed this way? There's so many of them around in New York City, like the Empire State Building as one example, but why? Why build buildings like these? Time for a (as brief as possible) history lesson.

In 1915, a massive skyscraper, the Equitable Building, was constructed in Manhattan. Standing at 40 stories tall, it cast a huge 7-acre shadow on the surrounding streets below, depriving them of much desired sunlight. New Yorkers feared that if more of these big, tall buildings were constructed, the streets in Manhattan would be much like a "dark maze".

In response to this, what the city did was form the 1916 Zoning Resolution, which stated that a building at a certain height needed to include setbacks. These continuous setbacks on the side facing the street would run up an imaginary plane, known as a sky exposure plane.

The setbacks on buildings ensured that nearby streets would receive enough light. Additionally, these setbacks provided great views of the city and access to fresh air.

The next time you look at the Empire State Building or any one of those Art Deco skyscrapers with setbacks in New York City, thank a zoning law created a hundred years ago to stop huge fat buildings from appearing all over The Big Apple.

The Following Build was based on 519 8th Avenue in New York City.
For more information, please see nyc-architecutre.com.

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Manhattan Setback Style Office Building by Mech265 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
CreditZippedzip & Aa60665 for doing the surrounding buildings, and random people whose pics I used.
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05/01/2017 1:49 am
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xd this thing was a massive flop looking back on it after nearly a year xd
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