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Map Creator - Pixel Editor

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avatar Bertiecrafter
Level 37 : Artisan Engineer
I decided it would be a fun project to create a pixel editor to create your own maps.
During the project I realised there was probably plenty of software around to do exactly this already,
but I continued the project and finished it. Maybe it's simplicity can be enjoyed by at least some players :P

Custom maps can be used in adventure maps, but also in item frames on servers or around a block to give it a custom texture.

How to create your image:
1. Save the map in your saves folder
2. Press the setup button
3. Pick a background color
4. Pick a resolution
5. Create a new canvas

6. Draw something using the controls in chat
7. Move the pointer to the black square
8. Make sure to completely render the map, using the empty map you get given
9. Hover your mouse on [INFO] for information on how to export the map if you want
10. Click the "New Canvas" button, this will remove the map item from your inventory.
This way it's locked and won't change until you render the map again.

11. Open your saves folder, move to the data folder in the Map Creator folder.
12. Copy paste the map_## file with the highest number to a different map.
13. Obtain the picture using this command: /give @p filled_map 1 ##

+ 16 colours
+ Erase function
+ 8-directional movement
+ Auto-Place function
+ 5 resolutions (8x8, 16x16, 32x32, 64x64 and 128x128)

+ Don't give yourself an older map in the Map Creator world
+ Don't give yourself any map in any world, around the coordinates 25000000, 25000000

I hope you will enjoy this map!

My Server: GIBI
Progress100% complete

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Thank you TheCactusMonkey, minhdat296, pettyGamingHD and camo_scout for the diamonds!

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