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Massive PvP Arena w/ kits, score system, etc.

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Level 55 : Grandmaster Toast
The colosseum used in this project was originally made by Cephyr. I give full credit to him for making the colosseum which I edited.
Welcome to a PvP free for all! This arena is designed for servers or for recreation. It comes with 10 unique classes (more coming soon), a scoreboard system, a spawn room where players select there spawn points, a fully furnished arena, a high scores center and an ingame shop system! All of it is powered by redstone and command blocks. The map is great for any PvP server or just for fun to play with your friends. If you do plan to use this for a server, first, get permission from Cephyr to use his map (he'll probably say yes) then just get permission from me (I'll probably say yes!). Thanks!

If you can't find it, here are the coords: -1406 4 -1298

Be sure and check out my new vanilla Capture the Flag arena with 12 classes, a high score tracker, and a shop system!

Classes (More coming soon...Ideas?)


The soldier class is a basic but effective all-around class that doesn’t exceed or let down in all areas of fighting. Soldiers are equipped with iron helmets, chestplates, leggings, and boots along with an iron sword and 4 steaks. Soldiers are good for up-close combat and are fairly maneuverable for a melee-type class. All in all, the soldier makes a great, well balanced, go-to class for both beginners and veterans.


The archer class, if used properly, quickly becomes one of the deadliest classes on the battlefront. Equipped with a powerful bow, arrows, leather armor, and steak, they are not the greatest in terms of melee combat and should avoid confrontation with soldiers and heavies at all costs. On the other hand, a veteran who knows the layout of the arena, may find the perfect spot to snipe enemies of all sorts down without them knowing what hit them.


Mages are unique in their own way. Their ability to self heal while on the battlefield is an extremely useful and effective way of staying alive and in good shape. This being said, they don’t have very good bodily protection, just having colored leather armor as their protection. Also the potion of healing will take a couple of seconds to drink which may result in getting ambushed by a more powerful class. Offensively, mages have a variety of potions which can be splashed on opponents to poison or harm them. They can also give themselves a quick boost of strength if they need to do so.


Some of the most dreaded people are the Bombardiers. There attack style is both distinctive and effective once mastered. Their equipment consists of blast resistant and protective armor from head to toe as well as 64 creeper eggs which they can drop down anywhere on the battlefield blowing up anyone near. While this attack is effective, especially against slow- moving classes, this is their only attack and may expire quickly.


The epitome of a walking tank, the heavy class is not only a powerful class, but a devastating force that no single player could possibly defeat on their own. From head to toe, these slow and lumbering swordsmen are dressed in protective and impenetrable diamond armor. There real weapon of choice though, is there enchanted diamond sword which will crush all in its way. The best strategy to take down these slow moving soldiers is to team up with a band of archers for the time being to take them down or bombard them with the bombardier class.


On the opposite side of heavy, scout is an elusive alternative. The quick moving scout has weak armor and only a semi-powerful sword but can run at unmatched speeds across the battlefield. Along with this, scouts take little to no fall damage, even when falling from extreme heights. The scout is great for maneuvering through the arena with ease and attacks with feeble but very quick moves.


The Pyro class is feared by many as it can quickly become a danger to almost anyone on the field. Pyro’s are not only immune to fire, but also have the ability to set anything they want to on fire making them a good choice to stay out of the way from. They are dressed in all gold armor making them easily recognizable on the sands. While they can set things on fire, their real weapon of choice is their powerful, flaming sword which can be devastating to anyone but only lasts them a short time before it breaks. The best way to counter a pyro is to get into the water so that the fire weapons wont effect you and you can overpower them with your own combat.


The ghost class is very weak but is feared because of its ability to become invisible. Equipped with no armor, it can be easily defeated once its particle effects are spotted but that’s the hard part. Spotting it. Along with being invisible, ghosts have ender pearls which they can use to quickly teleport out of danger if spotted. Also they can see perfectly in the dark making them even scarier to a blind and unsuspecting player.


The unorthodox cactus class is both underrated and seemingly deceptive in its design. In this distinctive class, the players defense is his best offense making for suprisingly difficult fights for the beginners knowing nothing of there covert. The secret lies in there green body armor made of thorns. An opponent will try and hit the cactus only to be surpised that with each hit, he is taking painful damage of his own. Cacti can also lay down a cacti plant in sandy regions of the map which also aids them strategically. The Cacti has and offensive tool, the stone sword but main weapon of choice, lies in there clothing. The best way of taking down a cacti is to have a long-range class such as the archer. That way there thorny armor will not hurt yo you from afar.


Kangaroos are the highest leapers on the battlefield. There jumping power can take them to rooftops unreachable to most, or simply to escape danger with one swift jump. Kangaroos also have a powerful kicking ability which knocks back there enemies far with great force. With all the strengths coming from the kangaroo’s legs, there top half lies extremely vulnerable…

Additional Notes

The xp system is now working properly. If you were one of the first 91 downloaders you may want to redownload the map.
CreditColosseum by Cephyr.
Progress100% complete

20 Update Logs

Update #20 : by C_is_CREATIVE 06/21/2014 1:56:46 pmJun 21st, 2014

Major overhaul on the exp system - exp is now more frequently given out to the player. 

The arenas interior has more detail as well as the walls.

Fixed a few teleportation bugs that seemed to be affecting some people.

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01/25/2016 9:16 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Darango's Avatar
Can anyone help me please? I would like to get this pvp download but I also downloaded the ctf file and uploaded to my server, but it not showing up and dont know why. any help apprectiated.
05/20/2015 8:32 am
Level 1 : New Miner
SJGamingBoys's Avatar
Very cool map!
08/02/2014 2:18 am
Level 20 : Expert Architect
mRAweSoMeBoY's Avatar
nice keep up the good work
08/26/2014 1:35 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Blacksmith
McMinePixel's Avatar
It was just an excisting map but with the obstacles in the middle added -,-
08/02/2014 12:57 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Toast
C_is_CREATIVE's Avatar
Thank you. Be sure and check out my much improved ctf arena also.
08/26/2014 1:36 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Blacksmith
McMinePixel's Avatar
Could you not make a own arena and not just download an excisting one edit it and upload it with no permission from the owner?
08/26/2014 6:05 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Toast
C_is_CREATIVE's Avatar
I had 100% right to the map by the owner. I also gave him credit for the terraforming. He and I are working together to create a new ctf map, in space!
11/22/2014 9:55 pm
Level 28 : Expert Prince
Legendoffire's Avatar
... As a member of the TEAM Cephyr, I can state that this is completely false.
11/22/2014 10:48 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Toast
C_is_CREATIVE's Avatar
Ok. A little misunderstanding. I was talking about the capture the flag map that I had made with a partner by the username Gigorahk.

For this, Cephyr gave me full rights to use the arena as long as I gave him credit.
03/26/2014 8:15 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Scales197's Avatar
thanks, btw im gonna be making a mod and i need some ideas, any1 who helps me will get credit....
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