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Ultimate Capture the Flag [Redstone] [Shop] [12 Kits] [Massive Arena] 1.8+

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Level 55 : Grandmaster Toast
Welcome to Ultimate CTF

Welcome to the Ultimate Capture the Flag battlegrounds. Join 1 of 2 teams, choose your map, select 1 of 12 classes, and let the battle for supremacy begin.

Fight your opponents in a diverse valley full of hiding spots, castles, ravines, and more all while trying to return your enemies flag to your base and win the game. Choose from 12 different kits to help your team win. Should you switch to an archer class and snipe your oppenents down from above? Or maybe take it gung-ho with the bombarider class and explode the enemies fortress to grab the flag and escape.

All for fun and fun for all in this massive PvP arena.

Feel free to use it on servers or for personal use with friends. Just make note that the maps are big and tend to get less exciting when there are only a few people.

For more information on how to play and an awesome class viewer, check out the below sections:

There are currently 1 arena(s) in the map. They include the following:
  • Valley Overpass
  • COMING SOON! Space Station
More maps will be available later in hopefull many future updates. Helpful map description can be found below.

There are currently 12 classes in the map. All are customizable. They include the following:
  • Soldier
  • Archer
  • Medic
  • Chemist
  • Heavy
  • Scout
  • Bombadier
  • Pyro
  • Ghost
  • Kangaroo
  • Cactus
  • Monster Tamer

More kits will be available later in hopefully many future updates. Helpful kit description can be found below.

How to Play
The name of the game is simple. Capture the enemy flag from the enemy base and return it to yours before they do.

- There are 2 teams you can join with before each map. The Red Team or the Blue Team. Each team has a base set apart on different sides of the map. This base is fortified and usually heavily defended so don't try going in without a plan of attack first.

- Once you spawn in the world after selecting your map and team, you get to select one of many different kits to use. Each kit helps in different ways and the best teams tend to be the ones with diversity and not just consist of one or two types of kits. Knowing the strenghts and weaknesses, tips and tricks, of each kit, greatly improve your chances of winning the match.

- In order to capture the flag, you must find it first. Each flag is setup inside the enemies base and is noticabely marked by a red or blue checkered flag. This signals where the flag is located in the map and signals where you have to go in order to retrieve it. Once you are inside the base, it's time to capture the flag.

- In order to retrieve the enemy flag, simply hold down left click on the blue or red flag (Blue wool & red wool) until it breaks and is in your inventory. Everyone will then see a notification on screen that the red or blue flag has been stolen. This is your cue to run out of there as quickly as possible and return it to your base. Once at your base, to win, simply place it on the marked fence post labeled 'place flag here to win'. Then, you have won the game. Simple.

The map comes with many neat gameplay features including but not limited to:

- Custom in-game shop system where users gain points for kills and spend them on prizes to help you.

- 12 unique classes, all with their own strenghts and weaknesses. (classes can be customized in the shop!)

- A massive arena with many unique land structures and a fantastic look to it.

- High score tracking system where players can view who has the most kills in total.

- Vanilla flag tracking system tells users when the flag is stolen, retrieved, or even won.

- Choose to fight for 1 of 2 teams each with their own base.

- Disabled friendly fire ensuring you can only hit your enemies.

- Easy team roster viewing. By pressing tab, you can easily see who is on what team.

- Anti-griefing enabled.

- Completely ressetable map so you can play as many times as you like.

Before you jump right in, it's important to know the rules of the map. The rules are the following:

- Turn gamemode to survival before starting the match.

- You may not break any blocks with the exception of the red or blue flags.

- You may not place any blocks with the exception of the red or blue flags.

- You may not start the game until both teams are ready to go.

- If the flags glitch up and dissapears in the event of a chunk error, you may go into creative mode and replace your flag.

All Classes & Abilities!

Before you jump right in, it's important to know all the classes and their abilities.

The soldier class is a basic but effective all-around class that doesn’t exceed or let down in any areas of fighting. Soldiers are equipped with iron helmets, chestplates, leggings, and boots along with an iron sword and 4 steaks. Soldiers are good for up-close combat and are fairly maneuverable for a melee-type class. Overall, the soldier makes a great, well balanced, go-to class for both beginners and veterans.


The archer class, if used properly, quickly becomes one of the deadliest classes on the battlefront. Equipped with a powerful bow, arrows, leather armor, and steak, they are not the greatest in terms of melee combat and should avoid confrontation with soldiers and heavies at all costs. On the other hand, a veteran who knows the layout of the arena, may find the perfect spot to snipe enemies of all sorts down without them knowing what hit them. It is always a good idea to have archers guarding your team's flag from a protected area, high off the ground.
Having a good medic can be a team's saving grace on the battlefield. They are equipped to both help themselves heal-up, or better yet, help teammates heal up. While combat may not be their strong suit, they are still a great help when following behind a teammate who is in the heat of battle as they can keep on healing him when he needs it. Also, medics do not have to fear attacks from chemists or other potion-throwing classes because all the potion effects can easily be removed.
Chemists are unique in their own way. They come equipped with a variety of potions which can be used on enemies in all sorts of ways. They also have an ability to reverse potion effects and regenerate their health when needed.This being said, they don’t have very good bodily protection, just having colored leather armor as their clothing. Also the class takes some time to get used to because most need to learn how to use the potions in effective ways before simply walking out in a fight. Offensively, chemists are great if used in the right ways. For example, you can blind an enemy and then sneak by and take the flag! The same can be said for defense as they can regenerate health slowly but surely.

Some of the most dreaded people are the Bombardiers. There attack style is both distinctive and effective once mastered. Their equipment consists of blast resistant and protective armor from head to toe as well as creeper bombs which they can drop down anywhere on the battlefield blowing up anyone near. While this attack is effective, especially against slow- moving classes, this is their only attack and may expire quickly.

The epitome of a walking tank, the heavy class is not only a powerful class, but a devastating force that no single player could possibly defeat on their own. From head to toe, these slow and lumbering swordsmen are dressed in protective and impenetrable diamond armor. There real weapon of choice though, is there enchanted diamond sword which will crush all in its way. The best strategy to take down these slow moving soldiers is to team up with a band of archers for the time being to take them down or bombard them with the bombardier class.

On the opposite side of heavy, scout is an elusive alternative. The quick moving scout has weak armor and only a semi-powerful dagger, but can run at unmatched speeds across the battlefield. Along with this, scouts take little to no fall damage, even when falling from extreme heights. The scout is great for maneuvering through the arena with ease and attacks with feeble but very quick moves. All this adds up to a great class for stealing enemy flags.
The ghost class is very weak but is feared because of its ability to become invisible. Equipped with no armor, it can be easily defeated once its particle effects are spotted but that’s the hard part. Spotting it. Along with being invisible, ghosts have ender pearls which they can use to quickly teleport out of danger if spotted. Also they can see perfectly in the dark making them even scarier to a blind and unsuspecting player. This makes them extremely useful for traversing through an enemy base completely unnoticed and slipping by their guards.
Kangaroos are the highest leapers on the battlefield. There jumping power can take them to rooftops and other places unreachable to most, or simply to escape danger with one swift jump. Kangaroos also have a powerful kicking ability which knocks back there enemies far with great force. With all the strengths coming from the kangaroo’s legs, there top half lies a bit more vulnerable.
The Pyro class is feared by many as it can quickly become a danger to almost anyone on the field. Pyro’s are not only immune to fire, but also have the ability to set players on fire making them a good choice to stay out of the way from. They are dressed in all gold, fire-resistant armor making them easily recognizable. While they are immune to fire, their real weapon of choice is their powerful, flaming sword which can be devastating to anyone but only lasts them a short time before it breaks. The best way to counter a pyro is to get into the water so that the fire weapons wont effect you and you can overpower them with your own combat style.


The unorthodox cactus class is both underrated and seemingly deceptive in its design. In this distinctive class, the players defense is his best offense making for suprisingly difficult fights for the beginners knowing nothing of there covert. The secret lies in there green body armor made of thorns. An opponent will try and hit the cactus only to be surpised that with each hit, he is taking painful damage of his own. The cactus class can also lay down a cacti plant in sandy regions of the map which also might aid there team if placed in the right areas. The Cactus class has an offensive tool, the stone sword but main weapon of choice, lies in there thorny cactus armor. The best way of taking down a cactus is to have a long-range class such as the archer. That way there thorny armor will not hurt yo you from afar.
Monster Tamer
Monster Tamers are an extremely unique class. They might be weak on their own, but fear not, they have plenty of undead friends to help them. The monster tamer comes equipped with the ability to spawn a variety of monsters that can be used to attack enemy forces. These mobs can also become a danger to your team, so be careful not to summon them to close to your base. If you do manage to spawn them in the enemy base, it can reap all sorts of havoc at no expense to you.

Tips and Tricks to win!

- As an archer, use your team's castle walls as cover from enemy fire.

- The ruins in the northern part of the map are a great place for the bombardier to trap enemies in and blast them with their bombs.

- Ghost classes are great at stealing flags as they are invisible to the enemy. Be careful though, they are weak and vulnerable to hits.

- To spot a ghost, look for little particle effects floating in the air.

- A great way of sniping as an archer is to climb a waterfall to the top of the map and shoot enemies from there.

- To take down a heavy, assemble a team of bombardiers to blow him up or a team of archer to shoot him as he cannot run away very fast.

- A great way of defeating a pyro is to get in the water while fighting him. He can't set you on fire if you are wet!

- Scouts are great for stealing flags as they are nearly uncatchable with their speed.

- Don't try taking down a cactus with a melee class or you will get poked by it's thorns. Use a mid-rang or long-range class like a chemist or acher so you don't get hurt while touching him.

-Chemists can blind their opponents with one of their potions. Use this effectively by blinding them and then stealing the flag.

- Always have atleast 1 person guard the flag. This person should be a melee type class and be watchful of the ghost class which could easily slip by unnoticed.

- When a flag is dropped on the ground, be sure and pick it up and return it to your base as soon as possible.

- Scouts take nearly no fall damage. In some places in the arena, you can jump from a cilff and land in the other teams base. This is an extremely effective way ot stealing the flag.

- The walls of a castle or base may be heavily defended but with the kangaroo class, you can simply jump right over the wall!

- As a monster tamer, get inside enemy lines before unleashing your monsters so it will only hurt the opponents.

- The rutts in each teams castle walls are there for a reason. Use them with the archer class to stay in cover while shooting the enemy from a safe distance.

- While the rickey bridge might be the quickest way to cross the map, it is by far the most dangerous as 1 bad step, can leave you plumetting to your death.

- You can gain points by killing Monsters that the Monster Tamer class summons.

- You can gain even more points by killing players.

- Whoever takes over the castle at the center of the map, has a strategic advantage the rest of the match.

- Save up enough points and you might be able to buy the hammer of Thor in the shop. Take this into battle and you'll be nearly unbeatable!

- No class is better than the other. Each has certain strengths/weaknesses that may help in certain situations. Knowing what each class is good for is the best way to win.

***NOTE If you use this map for a youtube video a link must be sent back to this page, other than that, have fun!

***NOTE This map works best with larger amounts of players. It is recommended that you have at least 8 players.and 8-50 players is the recommended amount. The more, the merrier.
CreditTerraforming by Gigorahk. I had his permission to use this map.
Progress100% complete

10 Update Logs

Update #10 : by C_is_CREATIVE 07/29/2015 4:27:00 pmJul 29th, 2015

+ New upgrades! New diamond sword and more potions effects available for purchase if you have points in the shop.

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10/23/2019 3:42 pm
Level 24 : Expert Fish
Super-Derp's Avatar
does this work in 1.14.4
04/22/2016 5:13 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
ThatKid391's Avatar
Hello i have downloaded this map and it was not working so i went trough pretty much every command block and edited a few of them, i all so made some changes to the classes, because they where giving to many items (more than you could hold). i all so added a pet for the pyro (blaze x2) to improve it. i plan on making more changes and maybe even adding a few more classes.

i could give you my modified version of the map if you want

p.s: i'm making it 1.9 compatible
01/31/2016 8:20 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Darango's Avatar
May I please put this Ultimate CTF map on my server to try it out? Thanks
02/02/2016 4:52 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Toast
C_is_CREATIVE's Avatar
02/02/2016 10:37 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Darango's Avatar
I Thank you Sir, very much appreciated. I also sent a message to the creator of the Terraforming Gigorahk and still awaiting for his approval as well. I seen the vid review that Legacyte did and really looks cool. Would you like the server address now or after I get it up and running?
Many thanks
02/03/2016 4:44 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Toast
C_is_CREATIVE's Avatar
After you get it up and running would be great!
02/03/2016 10:38 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Darango's Avatar
Ok that's cool, ran into a bump in the road as they say, getting things to start up, I got it to load up in it's respective world, however, when we join and choose what side to be on, we warp into that respective room and push the button to start and nothing happens. Also we don't warp into the kits hall to choose a kit to battle... Any help toward this would be appreciated. If you'd rather we talk via msgs that is fine with me.
Thank you in advance
02/04/2016 4:47 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Toast
C_is_CREATIVE's Avatar
The buttons have command blocks behind them that teleport you to a kit room. To my knowledge they were perfectly fine. I suggest checking what the command block says and maybe performing some maintenence on it. Its a strange issue because no one else seemed to have problems with it thus far including myself.
01/24/2016 3:44 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Darango's Avatar
I have downloaded the file and uploaded to my server, however it is not loading, any help appreciated thanks
02/04/2016 4:50 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Toast
C_is_CREATIVE's Avatar
It could be an issue with your server. It loads up just fine in single player and with most servers to my knowledge.
02/04/2016 11:32 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Darango's Avatar
Ok thank you, I was able to get it loaded on the server, now I'm on the latter issue
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