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Maui Island Recreation(Haleakala National Park) Hawaii Realistic Custom Terrain

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This is a recreation of the Hawaiin island Maui. I was making the Haleakala national park but then i thought it'd be dumb if i didnt make the other side of the island so it kinda turned into the Maui island. It is fully playable in survival. It has ores, caves, trees, water, animals, and even horses. If you wish to just explore in creative simply spawn in the world and open to LAN and make sure to turn cheats on when you do so. Then type /gamemode 1 and your good to go. I created this map entirely in world paint. It is officially my first map made using world paint and my first national park in the national park map series i started. The jungles are very tropical and dense and there are many waterfalls and lakes throughout the island as haleakala is known for having dense rainforests and many waterfalls. Later once im not so busy I might build all the cities to scale on the island...maybe just maybe.

1. click on world save
2.you should be at a mediafire page.
3.click download from the mediafire
4.hit the windows key on your keyboard
5.type %appdata% and hit enter
6.you should be in your roaming folder
7.open up the folder labeled .minecraft
8.open up the saves folder
9.open up the file you just downloaded with 7-zip or winzip or whatever zip program you own
10.drag the folder named The island of Maui into the saves folder
11. close everything and your good go:)
Progress100% complete

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