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angeluscaligo avatar angeluscaligo
Level 50 : Grandmaster Architect
This project contains two seperate and very different versions of a medieval abbey.
The first version is based upon the layout of Kirkstall Abbey, a famous Cistercian type abbey.

Its church has a short chancle, with two transepts, each with three chapels, divided by solid wall. The church in this project has a direct connection to the library through a staircase, directly next to the transept on the right of the altar. The church is also the only building that is publicly open and its the only place in which visitors can enter the monastery.

Directly next to the church is a large open area, called a cloister. Its an open area to which several buildings look out. It serves as a meeting place and a transit to other buildings. Along the buildings runs a small semi-open hallway. In the large area between the buildings is a small garden, with one large oak tree and several smaller trees.

To the right of the church, you can find a collection of buildings. These buildings include the chapter house, the parlour, a warming house, the novice's quarters, visitor's lodgings, abbot lodgings and an infirmary. The library extends above the chapter house and the parlour (it takes in the entire first floor of al these buidlings.

Across these buildings lay the dormitories, the sleeping quarters of all the monks. It's a large rectangular house with only two floors (ground floor and first floor). On ground floor, the monks come together to talk and discus, while the sleeping quarters are located on the first floor. All monks sleep in one large open room, bed next to bed, with each one chest to place their clothes and books in (monks aren't allowed any other worldly objects).

This buildings also has an extension which serves no purpose yet, but I intend to make it a lavatory/bathing area (a lavatory is a room where monks wash their hands before attending service in the church. Their quick arrival in the church is also the reason why the dormitory lays next to the church).

Between the right cluster of buildings (parlour, chapter house, ...) and the dormitory, you can find the malt house and the refectory. Behind the malt house, there's a well, next to the greenhouse which is located adjunctant to the dormitories (you can actually walk in the greenhouse from inside the dormitory). This is the only area where monks work that is directly visible from outside the abbey.

Along the entire abbey, there runs a small ditch/moat, which makes it harder to directly attack the abbey. With exception of the garden area, the entire abbey is surrounded by a wall, made up of the thickened back walls of the buildings.

The second version is a compacted version, derived from the layout of Kirkhall Abbey. It's church is much grander but it's overall layout is smaller than the original.

The dormitory in this version does have a more direct connection to the church, unlike in the first abbey. There also is a bell tower and the library now extends above the infirmary, refectory and kitchen. The warming house is located direct next to the infirmary and church and also gives heat indirectly to the library.

In the library, you can also find a so-called 'yellow room' and anyone who knows something about psychiatric hospitals and solitary confinement, will know what I'm talking about.

The entire structure of this second abbey is about half the surface size of the Kirkhall version, so it'll be easier to place it in your worlds.

Additional Notes

A new download is avaible. Though showed as a world file, it is a collection of reference images, a text file and two schematics.
Progress100% complete

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Update #1 : by angeluscaligo 08/23/2011 1:40:57 pmAug 23rd, 2011

New download available (reference images, schematics and a txt. file).

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08/19/2011 6:51 am
Level 13 : Journeyman Miner
MrWindy avatar
all this chat.. with f all to look at.. bit premature dont you think?
08/19/2011 7:01 am
Level 50 : Grandmaster Architect
angeluscaligo avatar
It's already build, I only haven't had the time to make screenshots.
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