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Mediaval Balloon Pack

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Level 37 : Artisan Architect
Drifting through the air high above the clouds gracefully and majestically. Since ancient times, man's one greatest desire was to soar above the clouds like the birds do. "It is impossible", many claimed, but a valiant few still chose to pursue. "You are a lunatic", many more claimed, but still they refused to gave up. Many had given, many more had fallen, but yet the few mad men continued in their pursue of flight. "Your contracption will fail upon you", they claimed, as the few departed in their airship. "It was possible after all, we could have done it better", they claimed as the airship lifted off the ground majestically. "We knew", the valiant few, the lunatics replied as they soared above the clouds like birds, while those who thought it mad still remained on land, grounded as they were. Who knows what would those valiant few do next? After all, the sky is the limit.

The builds in the background was taken from 0tx's warzone which was built by GreatPhilospher & I. The world save contains a few schematics of the balloons in a varity of colours. The fire in the balloon is removed to ensure that the balloon would not burn down. The world save does not contain the builds in the background, and only the balloons.

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11/18/2019 3:47 am
Level 55 : Grandmaster Architect
these are quite nice! I want to use them in my norrath project, there will be a sign in the spawn cathedral with your name for credits of course. =)
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