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Medieval City schematic

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This is a project I completed a few years ago, before the villager update and (i think) before the water update. That being said, there is NO water magic going on that is now broken, no broken redstone, and I did go through and put new job blocks down (might not have got them all). No netherrack fires raging around either. The medieval style is taken from Madnes64 on youtube, and you'll definitely be able to see it in the bakery and blacksmith. All the houses are fully furnished and, although similar, I don't think there are any identical ones. This was done without the aid of mods as I was still a noob and didn't know how to use plugins or schematics or any editing mods. For ease of pasting into existing worlds, I've cut out the harbor. The schematic is a litematica file and it's the entire village + a partial river, but it's pretty easy to make schematics out of the existing buildings if you want to expand in a similar style. This was completed with the default texture pack but the images are done with Dokucraft.
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