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Medieval Lobby / Spawn - @FreshRoboThresh

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FreshRoboThresh avatar FreshRoboThresh
Level 30 : Artisan Architect
This build is available now at chunkfactory!
- Chunkfactory.com

About the product and details:
- 2x high detail medieval and slightly oversized structure.
- 1x high detail medieval/rustic windmill.
- 1x construction build.
- 1x carriage.
- 2x well.
- 1x bridge.
- Colorfull and bright farm/farmfields.
- Terrain with various bushes and trees.
- Small pond with boat.
- The biome of this build is not included in the copy so to get the best result with this map;
* Set the biome on the entire build to forest using this command: "//setbiome FOREST". Make sure to select a region first.
* Take an arrow (VoxelSniper) and type "/b biome ROOFED_FOREST" then "/b 3". Now rightclick under the trees with your arrow and create "shadows". You should put "shadows" around the structure foundations, cliff edges, trees, close to rocks, edge of pond and inside the pond, under the bridge and carriage and also at the bushes with the fences.

- Make sure that you have a world with the following gamerules!
- 1) doDaylightCycle = false
- 2) doFireTick = false
- 3) doMobSpawning = false
- 4) doTileDrops = false
- 5) randomTickSpeed = 0 | naturalRegeneration = false (You can use worldguard to disable leavedecay/naturalRegeneration)
- 6) Don't allow people to press buttons / use trapdoors.- - - I really recommend worldguard.

~Fresh AKA FreshRoboThresh / "@FreshRoboThresh" on twitter.

Check the sketchfab upload for more details and a better view!
Sketchfab - sketchfab.com/models/36b0180c5fbe493fab14b8123945e644

I apologize for the low quality and weird res images. I couldn't upload properly because images were too large.
Progress100% complete

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07/26/2018 8:53 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Miner
OnINoby avatar
Enjoy your diamond and I subscribed :D Hey I have a new minecraft server and I just wanted to ask if I could use this as the lobby spawn, for now, I will, of course, give you credit with a sign at spawn saying to check your planet minecraft page.
07/12/2018 5:38 am
Level 29 : Expert Architect
Landscape - Team
Landscape - Team avatar
Awersome job !
07/12/2018 6:31 am
Level 30 : Artisan Architect
FreshRoboThresh avatar
Thank you :).
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