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Meteor one command

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tatoyoda600 avatar tatoyoda600
Level 25 : Expert Mage
                                        Meteor One Command
                                           By: tatoyoda600
Took me a while to code (and test) it but I finally got it working. (Finally!!!!! Tell me if you find any glitches I may have overlooked.)
Meteor one command has absolutely no crafting recipies.
There is 1 glitch that I could't find out how to fix. (and I was too lazy to write another 100 commands to fix it) The glitch is that every once in a while the things that summon the Meteors go into unloaded chunks and they get stuck there. Fortunately I found a chunk loader 1 command Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WSMgOVsnCU (You should listen to the instructions.)
When the meteors land, ores will get spewed out and so will Aliens (Zombies named "Alien" that will pick up things)

Link to the meteor picture: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/bOmhARn02tI/maxresdefault.jpg
CreditLorgon111 (for the chunk loader)
Progress100% complete

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