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Metro 2033: Etseropolis

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RedForterPL avatar RedForterPL
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I you looking for postapocaliptical map with open world, you found it. My map is modeled on Metro Last Light game. You are just a dweller of metro under Etseropolis ruins. You have two ways to explore this danger world, to through the tunnels filled with weak mutants and bandits or put on your GasMask (Roleplay :D) and sneak between ruined building of Etseropolis. This map requires version 1.7.2 and mods: -Custom Npc  -Flans Mod with Modern Weapons Addon -Dynamic Transport - Slimevoid Library (and optional: Mine & Blade Battlegear). You promised your dying father you don't beacome hearthless brute and you will find and join Stalkers, organization that helps metro dewellers by giving them food and another suplies, your search leads you into grop of bandits who robbed you and left in ruined tower full of mutants, you must escape to closest metro station and continue your adventure.
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