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Military Drop: The Nuclear Recovery : Preview

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CHorse avatar CHorse
Level 39 : Artisan Fish
Before the military personnel was with the Creeper King, he was something else, he did other things, he was not that. Although the military personnel's memory has been taken away from him, you can still see what he saw a few years before he met the Creeper King.

He was sent to an island. they needed him to get back some items. The island had stopped communicating to them, they suspected that the radiation leaked and the scientists were killed. So they needed the military personnel to see what the heck happened to the island, and to come back with some items to help their war against the squids. But the island is full of dangers, radiation and other lethal things. That is because it is still undergoing nuclear recovery.

Full Version Is Now Released!!!

Basically, you go to the island, complete missions, turn in items for emeralds and defeat monsters. It is pretty straight forward. This is an adventure map, and it is my first, so sorry if it isn't very good. Here are some tips that might help:

Too Laggy?
-This map is incredibly laggy due to the excessive amount of commands. This gives you an advantage over certain enemies, but can be frustrating.
- If you die or play for too long it might get significantly laggier, so I recommend saving and quitting to title and then playing the world again. It always works for me.
- The island is huge, so try not to explore the entire island in a few minutes, go around and slowly explore the island, it might help the island generate.
- More updates will be coming to hopefully delag the system, but to have all the cool weapons all command blocks are necessary.

- This is not the full version of the map, but is very close to being done. The final version was planned to be released in april, but it seems the release date has been moved further into the year.
-This map was slapped together rather quickly, so it might not be 100% well-made.
- The atomic reactors actually move along the conveyor belt, you just have to spawn another one named the same
- Map is incredibly laggy on my computer, not sure if it will be as much on others. This is due to the excessive use of commands, which give you all the cool weapons.

- There are 5 easter eggs hidden in this map.
- Still not finished, still got a bit more to fix, and anyone who plays the map and puts it on youtube from here to the time it is released on minecraft maps.com will get their head placed in the credits with a link to their video. This is so people can get their videos checked out by people who play my map. My last maps have gotten 2000+ downloads, so atleast a hundred people might watch the video of you playing this map. Travi5 has already done a playthrough of it in 1.8:


- If you do want to record yourself playing this, here are a few things to keep in mind for being placed in the credits; please restrain from profanity; it would be nice to hear a voice since voices are nice, but text also works if you don't want to use your amazing voice; try and be comedic, I'm not going to not put you in their if you aren't comedic, but it's just a tip people like funny stuff

Tips: (On completing the map and not dying)
1: Flying through hoops gives you extra emeralds to spend on stuff.
1a: Landing on hoops kills you since you can land on one and stay there collecting emeralds forever.

2: Complete missions 1 and 2 within the first day. After that monster spawners become active and your map just got 50% laggier.

3: There is a pickaxe that can mine monster spawners hidden on the shore of the forest part of the island. There are actually 2 of them.

4: Use potions moderately, using too little fills up your inventory, too much leaves you at a disadvantage.

5: Do not kill bosses with boom bullets, you might also destroy the item they drop.

6: Do the missions on the sign in order, seriously, they get harder as you go along.

7: Don't use the storm bullets on your side of the fence, you might turn the villagers into witches, and those witches are big fat glitches.

8: Nuke bullets are not very helpful against undead mobs, they leave behind radiation, which heals them.

9: Kill the ent's brain over a log, he might drop the ent sapling into the ocean if you don't.

10: Stay as far away from the radiation leaks as possible. During the last part, staying on blocks not near the radiation isn't good enough, especially on the parkour. Try and edge away from the radiation as far as you can, it can still affect you sometimes.
10a: Radiation in the atomic facility takes away at least 3 hearts and poisons you. This stuff is lethal.

11: Easter egg 1, if held in your first slot, will teleport you up as you fly with the elytra, allowing for extended flight, but might not work if your map is laggy

12: Arrows only work if shot at the ground.

13: Fishing rod only works if landed on grass blocks.

If you find anything wrong, please tell me about it, I am going to finish this map in a little bit, and want to make sure it has no bugs or anything wrong when released.

Progress100% complete

2 Update Logs

Full Version : by CHorse 04/30/2016 9:41:42 amApr 30th, 2016

The full version is now here!!

-Added Pathway
-Added Bonus Levels
-Toggled Ent
-Added hints

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