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Minecraft 2017 (NEW) Mini-Games Lobby Download (Java)

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*Full credit goes to the incredible 4J Studios the creators of this beautiful lobby.* 4J Studios

Introducing the Minecraft Console Edition 2017 Mini-Games Lobby, unlike its predecessor the 2016 Mini-Games Lobby that was released on June 21st, 2016 to host the Battle & eventually Tumble Mini-Games the 2017 Lobby built upon what the original Lobby had & more! It brought with its release a brand new Mini-Game (Glide) & a bunch of hidden secrets. The new lobby design (released on March 18th, 2017) had twice as many buildings as the original, 12 music discs to hunt, 6 mob heads to collect, multiple secret doors to open & even an entire recreated version of the original Mini-Games Lobby (slightly destroyed) underneath it. Due to Glide being sadly the last Mini-Game 4J Studios ever released on the Console Editions it meant that the 2017 Lobby was left to the Console Community indefinitely & now remains as one of the most remembered & nostalgic creations by 4J Studios.

I've done my very best to ensure that both the Bedrock Lobby & Java Lobby are as close to the original Console version as humanly possible, I've made sure every painting, item frame, block, armor stand & more are in all their original places. I spent countless hours on the PlayStation 4 Console Edition double checking everything was the same & I can thankfully say it's all the way you'll remember it. :)

Just like I mentioned in my last post giving out the 2016 Mini-Games Lobby for anyone who might mention "This isn't the Mini-Game Lobby I remember." that's probably because this Lobby is the "NEW" Lobby the second Lobby 4J Studios created & sadly the last, I'd recommend checking out my previous post regarding the "Minecraft 2016 (CLASSIC) Mini-Games Lobby" because that might be the Lobby you are thinking of.

As a little note, both the Java & Bedrock Version's of this world are identical with them both having all their paintings, buttons, Item frames, swords & dispensers intact & all items are still in the dispensers/chests. (On the Bedrock Version sadly some of the Restone doesn't work the same as it did on the Console Edition.

I seriously hope you have fun reliving the nostalgia of the 2017 Minecraft Console Edition Mini-Game Lobby, if you do & appreciate me sharing this please do consider subscribing to my YouTube channel Catmanjoe & help me reach 100,000 Subscribers also be sure to check out my video showcasing the Lobby thanks. :D
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07/02/2022 11:38 am
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what are the cords? and what version
09/28/2021 4:22 am
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where are the coords of the lobby?
Miles Perry
09/24/2021 1:10 pm
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09/24/2021 2:20 pm
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