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Level 23 : Expert Architect
this is a project me and my friend Harrison are building on a the server Heroes Of Westeros I.P can be found here: http://www.planetminecraft.com/server/heroes-of-westeros-mmorpg-pvp-factions-iconomy-mcmmo-griefing-247/
we are planning on building a huge arena with a small town, loads of shops, rail station, and under ground district.
as the project progresses i will be uploading snapshots of our progress. After the project is finished i will be making a fly over video of the project and then hope to release a walk about tour of the project. Myself and Harrison would appreciate it if people would give us name suggestions for this project. The Texture pack im using is a custom dokucraft texture back, you can find the official thread here:http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/513093-32x16x125-dokucraft-the-saga-continues/ And the customizer here:http://minecraftcustomizer.net/pack/DokuCraft+-+The+Saga+Continues.Thanks for checking this out and i hope to keep you updated as the project progresses. check out the video here:www.youtube.com/watch?v=GoN2G0FL-E4 cubehamster's channel:http://www.youtube.com/user/cubehamster Unorthadox!
Progress: 25% Complete
Credit:Harrison, rlsands1997server cubehamster

Update #2 : 08/02/2012 3:04:48 pm8/02/12

added link to cubehamster youtube channel

Update #2 : 08/02/2012 3:04:36 pm8/02/12

added link to a video

Update #2 : 08/02/2012 2:51:07 pm8/02/12

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Update #1 : 07/31/2012 7:52:04 pm7/31/12

added texture pack thread to description and added server owner's planet minecraft page to the tags

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