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Minecraft Battle Mode: Cavern Large+ Download - (Java)

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Re-Introducing the Minecraft Legacy Console Edition Battle Mode Maps to the public has been a goal of mine for honestly what feels like forever & Cavern just felt like the natural perfect place to start with as when I originally tried doing this idea back in 2020 I also started with Cavern.

Today I’m going to be sharing with you not only some cool information & a nice BSL shader-fueled nostalgic tour of one of the most iconic Battle Mode Maps but I’m also going to be finally sharing the download links for all three different variants of it for both the Bedrock & Java edition of the game, so sit back relax & enjoy! :)

So welcome to the ancient arena known as Cavern, this nostalgic Arena designed by the incredibly talented people at 4J Studios was home to thousands upon thousands of casual & competitive Minecraft LCE Battle Mode matches.

When it was released for free with the official launch of the first Minecraft LCE Mini-Game called "Battle Mode" on June 21, 2016, Cavern quickly became one of the most fun & beloved fan favourite battle maps to ever be created.

With its temple-like structures on all four sides, and multiple easy-to-access & flank camping spots it earned a reputation as one of the most strategically balanced maps in all the Battle Mode Map options.

And I know that probably sounds silly like how can a Minecraft Map be “Strategic” Joe, but honestly, this map was more creative & interesting from a PVP point of view than most modern Call of Duty maps are which just feels strange to say.

With the three different size options, you could easily change how the map played & felt. If you were playing on Small chances where you were most likely going to be in close quarters with others meaning more hand-to-hand combat & less long ranged attacks, but it also meant less room to hide which made you feel more exposed & less safe which usually resulted in faster-paced matches that made you feel like your heart was going to pop out your chest.

However, If you were playing on Large or Large+ things would be switched on their head, now you would be preferably trying to keep your distance from other players & using ranged attacks as much as possible to get an advantage. You would also have more places to hide & camp which could give you a moment to stop & think about your next move or re-organise your inventory which made it a welcomed pause in the heat of the action.

Before I end this video I want to clarify that although I am sharing the map downloads & making this video, obtaining these maps & all their respective variants would not have been possible without the amazing collaboration & help I received from my good friends & fellow Minecraft LCE supporters “Emmie, Jake & MC4F” these people invested insane amounts of their own time to help make this possible so please show them & their amazing channels some love!
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Under rated.
Keep up the work :)
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