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Minecraft Class Based PvP

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McCPvP (Minecraft Class PvP) is a new map that I am bringing you soon. It uses almost all of the new improvements of the weekly snapshots (12w34b) to create a new PvP experience in Minecraft.

This map supports team based combat for any number of players on any team, of course 20+ on each team would be kinda bad( laggs and tking) so I think the team caps should be around 12-16.

Non bukkit servers instructions:

1-2 players should be neutral and act as referees, who get the match started and end the match. They are also required to open all of the iron doors for the players on both sides and refill the bonus chests with goodies.

Don't worry, an instructional video about the responsibilities of the referee will be made and posted here soon. So in the meantime take a look around the place before you use this as a server.

This map is intended to be run on servers with bukkit plugins. if it is not possible for you to use bukkit plugins then you will need 1 or 2 neutral players to act as "referees" who restock bonus chests and keep the teams balanced.


The Warrior:

Armor: Full Chain-mail
Weapons: Steel sword and axe
Potion: Potion of strength

The Archer:

Armor: Leather and chain
Weapon: Bow and Arrows (Duh!)


Armor: Full (fouxe) diamond armor
Weapon: Diamond Hoe
Potion: Potion of Fire Resistance

The Healer:

Armor: Full pink leather armor
Weapon: Diamond Hoe
Potions: Splash potions of Regen II, Splash potions of healing, Golden Apples

The Chemist/ Debuffer

Armor: Full dull green leather armor
Potions: Splash potion of Damage, Splash potion of Poison II, splash potion of Slowing, Splash potions of Weakness

Updates for the future:

I would like to have a map identical to this one, but with mod support for magic, additional weapons and maybe even sdk's gun mod, but we'll see aboot that later.
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by Mrmakkymakk+ 09/05/2012 1:17:49 pmSep 5th, 2012

Updated to v1.1

-added more stuff to the ref box
-Put in a skillshot based target that will spawn a blaze on the enemy side if you hit it
-Uploaded the correct file this time (-.-)

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10/14/2012 12:14 am
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