Minecraft Doctor Who: Tardis Adventures!

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Check out our discord here!

Check out our channel here!

It's coming... and oh yes... it will be great.

So! You're interested into Minecraft Doctor who? Well you're in luck! This upcoming project is something my team and I are hoping to change Vanilla Tardis's for... awhile. We've got big expectations, but we aren't in a rush. We have been working on minecraft Tardis's for a very long time now, and have gained a lot of knowledge to hopefully bring one of the coolest Vanilla Tardis maps out there.

As of right now, we have a team of 4. This, isn't a lot for what we want to achieve, if we want it done fast. If you are interested in helping, please do, our contact can be found in our discord provided below!

This Tardis map isn't something we are saying is different because we want it to be the best, we are saying its different because... it is. Our map will include (If all goes to plan), a full fledged story alongside custom built locations (Cities, Planets, timezones, etc.) and much more. This is, quite a large expectation, but it is something we want to achieve. Our full road map can be found in our discord (which will be more updated than this one), but here it is below:

Tardis Roadmap!

Hello! This is our Tardis Roadmap, It's a MAJOR work in progress, but this includes information on release date Ideas, and features that will be included.

Beta 1 - Release Idea: At least 6 months from now
Will Include:

+Tardis Flight

+Map Exploration
+Multiplayer Compatibility
+Usage of any devices [Sonic, etc.]Will not include:

Future Betas
Release Idea: anytime after Beta 1
Will simply be bug fixes found in Beta 1, used to improve final release

Release 1.0!
Release Idea: After Beta has been completed (For a rough estimate, do not expect anytime soon)
What will be found in this Tardis map?
This Tardis map is something you likely have not seen from any other Tardis map released. At least, we have never seen one with this idea. We hope to achieve a major goal, of creating an entire Story mode and quest system based like Skyrim/Fallout. Allowing for choices to be made, with a few different outcomes. This is a very difficult and large goal to achieve, as minecraft science isn't of course meant to be used this way. It will take A LOT of time, but... what else other than Shane joining the police force and I joining the Air Force will get in the way... ok... so yes it will be difficult to find time to do this. But this is why we need a team! If you are interested in joining, please please PLEASE, let us know! We'd gladly get your input. Anyway... what else will the Tardis include? Well, the map will be very explorable, with generated towns, temples, planets, and ships, alongside our custom city we are working on and other planets we hope to make, will make for a great experience. We want you to feel that you aren't just playing a Minecraft Tardis map, your playing a whole new game. With custom enemies to fight all around, random invasions, random scenarios in the Tardis, and much much more, you will have what we hope to be an amazing experience. To make it sound more grand, here's a sample scenario you could see in the map:

You just materialized somewhere random in (Unplanned Name) City, you exit onto a busy street with people running by, cars driving around, and suddenly a large BANG comes from the sky. As you look up, a Ship is approaching the city! Perfect timing right, just as you get there. People panic and run inside... its not their first rodeo with aliens now than you've been in town so long. You immediately use your sonic to scan the ship and find out it is in fact a ship from Cyber Industries... gosh the cybermen, they never settle. You get in the Tardis, and make your way to save the day...

So.... yes.. sounds like quite a lot of work.. and it will be. But, It's something we hope to achieve. Now, as of right now, there is A LOT of planning to go into it, but as more features and things are thought of and implemented, we will release sneak peaks all around. There's a lot of work that needs to be done in the management field, such as setting up a guide somehow, and creating applications for people to help and join. As of right now, we are small enough to make this easy, but incase it grows, we need a team. So, I've said it many times, PLEASE feel free to ask if you want to help! We really hope this sounds awesome to people, but to finish off.. THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS ROADMAP... things will be changed! Do not be angry if something is removed or changed that you thought was going to be in the map... we are only people, and sometimes have to make sacrifices to get to a good goal. Anywho... if you've read this far, congrats, your crazy. Thanks so much, please share with your friends and we are excited to show you what's to come!

Check out our discord here!

Check out our channel here!
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08/24/2020 7:42 am
Level 1 : New Miner
I can't download the map.

how to download the map please
08/24/2020 12:31 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
The map is not available for download just yet, but you can join our discord for progress! discord.gg/bG8MyrG
08/24/2020 1:11 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
ok thank you
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