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Minecraft Sky PvP Minigame 1.7.2 (v1.1)

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avatar xSpuky9
Level 15 : Journeyman Archer

This is a Minecraft Minigame: Sky PvP 1.7.2, in this minigame you will have each player/team 5 lifes each and you will try go gather resources and fight off the enemy to kill them. When you download the map it will put you in a lobby. Each player chooses a team and presses the respective button. You will be teleported in a sphere with your color on it. This is where you will respawn.
         After starting the game you will have to go and get resources from the chests on the islands. Each island will have at least 1 chest. Some island will have greater rewards depending on the difficulty to get to the chest. 


     1.Dont hack
     2.Dont break any blocks!
     3.I would recomend the map played on 1.7.2 and 3-6 players!
     5.Dont do anything stupid like climbing the chicken
     6.Have fun!


     The map was created by xSpuky9. The map itself is made on a blank world with the SPC 1.7.2 Mod, and the map itself its not that big so dont expect the games to be too long. I did test the redstone but i did not play a game yet... a tip would be to get the fire resistance potion and go to the nether castle to get the ASSASINATOR but if you want to play it safe just dont rush the castle for your luck.
      A diamond would be VERRY nice but im ok just by seeing you guys download the map and playing and enjoying!
      I made the map with the inspiration of an actual game on some servers but i just could not find a single player map for it so i decided "Hey... Nobody did this" and i started having fun building.
     Be sure to check out my other maps and stay tuned for my next map! See you later with my other map!

     Good luck on the competition!
Progress100% complete

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Update #1 : 04/06/2014 10:56:20 amApr 6th, 2014


Time for version 1.1!
-Added 2 more islands: Explosion island, redstone island
-Added a way to play on different difficulties: Peaceful or Easy
-And one more that you will have to discover!

      Good luck on the islands!

04/07/2014 2:00 am
Level 15 : Journeyman Archer
Be sure to check out my other maps as well!
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