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Minecraft Vanilla Lucky Blocks

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DASP_Crew avatar DASP_Crew
Level 22 : Expert Miner
Minecraft Vanilla Lucky Blocks features:
► Three awesome gamemodes:
✓ Lucky Block Race - Be the first one to destroy all Lucky Blocks
✓ Lucky Block PvP - Destroy Lucky Blocks to gain loot and gear up for an epic battle
✓ Lucky Block TEST - Unlimited Lucky Blocks, godmode etc. You can do what you want

► Eight different Lucky Blocks:
✓ Four standard Lucky Blocks - yellow, green, blue, red
✓ Four Lucky Blocks with different rarity - common, rare, epic, legendary

► Seven unique maps:
✓ Classic - classic map for Lucky Block Race
✓ Swamp - Expect a lot of water, slimes and witches in swamp biome map
✓ End Temple - Extremely hard map. Be careful not to fall into the void
✓ Sky Island - A few floating islands. Try to get to the middle one
✓ Castle - If you like middle ages this is perfect map for you
✓ Mineshaft - PvP underground isn't easy especially when it's dark
✓ Testing Field - Standard map for testing Lucky Blocks

► More than 90 random drops

► Key features:
✓ No mods required! Everything is made using command blocks
✓ Map resets automatically after the game ends which means you don't have to reinstall the map every time
✓ Map is huge but the file size is small, only 4.44 MB!

• Map is for Minecraft 1.12.2
• Map was build by Dominik000221 and magor2345 with help from our friends cokuu123, ShifterPL1 and Adiklon100.
• If you recorded our map email us, [daspcrew@gmail.com] we would love to see your video :)
CreditDominik000221 and magor2345
Progress100% complete

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