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Minecraft Xbox 360 TU 9 gargamel seed for Bedrock Edition 1.16.50+

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Bedrock Edition
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Note to Moderators: This variant of the gargamel seed is from the Console Legacy Xbox 360 Version of the game, Title Update 9, not any iteration of the Java Edition seed, hence not making it a duplicate.

Map Name: Xbox 360 TU 9 gargamel
Map Seed: gargamel
Minecraft Version Generated in: Console Legacy Xbox 360, TU 9
Minecraft Version Compatible with: Bedrock Edition 1.16.50+
Has the World previously been in Creative Mode? : No (You can earn achievements on this map.)
Tools used to convert from Console Legacy Xbox 360 to Bedrock: Carnage the Creator's Minecraft Map Converter, a Cynadont's MCC Tool Chest PE

Hello everybody!

I have a wonderful gem to share that I have recovered that I thought was previously lost to time. In Minecraft Java Beta Edition, the gargamel seed is well cherished by older Minecraft players due to the amazing terrain generation by the older Minecraft Engine, making massive landscapes that showed the capabilities of Minecraft Beta Java Edition years in the past.

What not as many people know about is that the gargamel seed was also very good early on in the Console Legacy Xbox 360 version of the game as well. From TU 9 to TU 12, gargamel was good, not so much for the terrain generation, but for the number of spawned villages jammed into a 864 by 864 blockspace to begin, having five generated villages as well as two wells where villages tried to generate but failed.

But what people who used this seed remember about it more than anything during this time on the Xbox 360 version of the game is that you spawn with in a relative range either in a village or right outside of that village that has a Blacksmith with a chest with three diamonds, an iron pickaxe, an iron chestplate, two iron ingots, five apples, and a piece of bread in it from the getgo, setting you ahead of the game just at starting the world, meaning a Bonus Chest was not necessary. This was insane at the time as the diamonds could be used to make a diamond pickaxe, and the iron ingots could be used to make an iron sword, which all this loot was fantastic for people who played Survival on a non-peaceful difficulty.

My old friends and I cherish this classic seed as it was good for starting a new world, and we had hours of fun on this map. I want to share that classic experience with you all here and hope you enjoy it :) .

Additional Information:

-Spawn: X= -243, Y= 72, Z= 254
-Abandoned Mineshaft: X= 6, Y= 36, Z= -282
-End Portal: X= 137, Y =37, Z= 163

-Biomes did not convert properly, making the entire original 864 by 864 block radius Ocean (This makes squids spawn in rivers like they did in the older version of Minecraft, as well as Dolphins, and land areas will spawn mobs as if it was Forest) (Fixed on 11/15/2019, Biomes Restored)
-All Oak Logs changed to Birch Logs upon conversion (Fixed)
-Smooth Stone Slabs did not convert properly, only single stacked instead of double stacked. (Fixed)
-End Portal would not Activate upon putting Eye of Ender in all 12 End Portal Frame Slots (Fixed on 11/15/2020)
CreditTo Xbox LIVE user PrepaidMountain for showing me this seed during TU 9 years ago, To Carnage the Creator for his Minecraft Map Converter, and to A Cynadont for his MCC Tool Chest PE program.
Progress100% complete

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