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Minecraft Zoo (NOW UPDATED)

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Domo823's Avatar Domo823
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On July 18th, 2018, the oceans of Minecraft were changed forever...

Ever looked for zoo maps and thought: Where are the vanilla Minecraft zoos? I don't want Mo'Creatures! Well, this is the zoo for you! For Minecraft 1.13, this zoo currently contains every passive animal in Minecraft 1.13! Go watch horses gallop, or see the dolphins jump out of the water! You can even enter the Cave Of Bats, and watch them flutter in the dark... Or, if you like more excitement, take a walk through our Jungle Dome, where ocelots and parrots hide beneath the dense foliage. And, when you're all done and checked out, you can go explore town! (However, the town is extremely WIP, and only contains two houses)

Downloading the map would be appreciated, and you can use them for whatever you like. However, you need to credit me in anything shared publicly.
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ZOO UPDATE! : by Domo823 08/14/2018 12:47:54 pmAug 14th, 2018

New version of the zoo map is out! I'm happy to announce that the zoo has received an update! The main zoo is completed, and I'm starting plans to possibly build a little town near it. Two houses are already complete of the town. Here's the changelog:
  • The zoo has received a major update including having a parking lot, giant fish tank, The Jungle Dome, Mooshroom Island, Wolves, Bats, farm animals, Squid, pretty much every animal mob in 1.13.

  • Work on a town has started. Currently, two houses have been built, but more will be completed soon.
NOTE: The map won't be updated until a little after this post is out.

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