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Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
Right now it is 1.8 pre-release2 and it is currently not public. it is private atm and is hamachi temporaraly because of some errors. I have taken a lot of schematics from planet minecraft and put them onto here but then i remembered to put up some signs saying where i got stuff from but i forgot so if anyone sees something that they made tell me and i will post it on our thanks to board. Now that that is over time to talk about the server to be. We are a great community that has so much to do includeing building your own towns or helping other towns, we have midevil villages pixel art areas, giant trees, and what took me forever to find on planet minecraft, A HALO FRIGATE (finaly) and also if anyone wants a flat land cleared for them i would be happy to help if anyone needs anything ask me on the server. rules: no griefing hacking or modding(except for fly ) no name calling or insulting others work. also no racism or anything else that can be considered "mean" if you piss of any of the admins or anyone that has banning powers get ready to get kicked. also please do not act like a jerk or what most people would call a "dick" also no cursing or fooul language i do not care if a half creeper half enderman is in the proccess of rapeing you no cursing or foul language. i pretty much thank everyone at planet minecraft for thier support in helping me find things to decorate the server but a lot of this is made by me though like the custom terrain i only put a lot of stuff from planet minecraft on it because i wanted my friends to get on it and play on it more and have more things to do. anyways if you want artist you can build something really cool. also admins can use world edit, change thier gamemodes from survival to creative and back, BAN people, KICK people, and can open locked chests and break locked signs)do not worry this is only if someone places a sign on your house they can be trusted) also i forgot no tresspassing or building on others property. i do not know if you have read this all but if you have thanks and i will be posting more news later as i am very tired now and when the server comes out i will let everyone know. also sorry for any spelling errors or grammer errors i am very tired and if there are any other servers named minecraftia i have not seen any so i am sorry. bye bye!
Credit:the great community at planet minecraft!
Progress: 65% Complete

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  • sniperman08
  • Level 33
  • Artisan Herobrine
  • January 11, 2012, 3:17 pm
looks cool

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