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MiniGames Server Project

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avatar Rukusmon
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MiniGames Server Project   By:: Rukusmon

Currently up and running we have-
  - PaintBall -  2 teams on a paintball course
  - Infected -   there is 1 infected member and he/she is on there own against everybody else
  - Team Death Match -  2 teams going at it fight till the finish
  - Capture the Flag -   got to capture the other teams flag and return it to base
  - Pillers domination -  2 teams 4 pillers controll the pillers and earn the points needed to win before the other team does 
  - Free 4 All -  Free for All arena 
  - MobArena-  friendly game of mobarena? the waves keep spawning bosses and rewards!

 There will be more Game types on the way.

 There will be Lots more arena's to come in the end id like to have 3 arenas for each type im able to make! all different sizes and content 
Come Join Us AT  IP:  StoneyCraft.mooo.com

Hello this is a Big Server project i have been working on unfortunatly is taking more time then i was hoping, im solo on the project..
That being said StoneyCraft is my server it is a survival server with many different worlds types for anybody to enjoy!

 Pls hit that diamond up top let me know you like my work! subscribe to keep pupdated on my new projects!
 also feel free to stop by the sere say high if im on ill play in the mini games with anybody!!
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Update #1 : 04/21/2014 1:42:49 amApr 21st, 2014

added a few new arena's and another paint ball course!
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