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Missile Flying Machine

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avatar voltavidTony
Level 21 : Expert Engineer

Rocket/Missile Flying Machine

This build is inspired by Mumbo Jumbo's recent YouTube video, in which he built a missile silo, but keeps failing the rocket. I decided to give building a missile a go and this is the result. It moves very fast at 2 blocks per second and is completely symmetrical.

If you decide to build the TNT version, you must place a redstone block at your destination to ignite it.

To build this missile you need:
- 5 observers
- 9 slime blocks
- 1 regular piston
- 4 sticky pistons

and for the decoration an additional:
- 1 slime block
- 5 cobblestone walls
- 9 iron bars
- or you could use 25 TNT

Some notes on the construction of the missile:
- In order to avoid weird behavior, build from the bottom to the top
- All of the observers are facing upwards
- The sticky pistons face down, the regular piston faces up
- Leave a one block gap between the ground and the missile, since you need to trigger one of the bottom observers to start the machine
Progress100% complete

02/25/2017 6:48 pm
Level 17 : Journeyman Engineer
frustrated engineer
not a missile it has no trigger mechanisms
04/03/2017 10:04 pm
Level 21 : Expert Engineer
I don't really get what you mean? Do you mean trigger as in launching or trigger in the sense of igniting the TNT? Because I gave an explanation on both.
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