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Mob War [PvP / 1.5.1]

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Chaosflo44 avatar Chaosflo44
Level 59 : Grandmaster Batman

It's a PvP Map where 2 teams have to fight each other using Mobs. Goal is to destroy your enemy's beds so they can't respawn.

About the Map
- The two airships are exactly the same, don't worry.

- There's a Economy Station at top floor where you can obtain Silver and rarely Gold.

- When you enter the ship first you have to go sleep in the beds which are in the ground floor. Otherwise you won't respawn

- Every 3 minutes the Teleporter will activate for 30 seconds. You can teleport to the other ship by standing on the Emerald block. You'll get teleported to the back of the ship so you have to do some parkour jumping to get to the front.

- If all of your enemy's beds are destroyed you win!

- You can get some equipment in the main room.

- There are villagers you can trade with. They have useful stuff such as Swords, Armor, Bows, Potions and more! Also one villager will sell Mob Eggs which you can use to throw at your enemy with the Knockback 100 Shovel.

- If you have questions just write a comment ;)

1. Don't cheat
2. Don't break or place any blocks
3. Play on Easy or Normal
4. Don't use Mods or Hacks
5. Only press the start-button once
6. Have Fun! :D

SMP Settings

- monsters=true
- spawn-monsters=false
- difficulty=1
- pvp=true
- enable-command-blocks=TRUE

- gamemode=2

Feel free to make videos / Lets Plays of the map. I'll definitely post it right here then :)

Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more upcoming maps: http://www.youtube.com/user/chaosflo44

If you like the map make sure to give it a diamond ;)
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