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[Mod] Extreme Reactors: Top Performance Ludicrite Coiled Turbine (28k RF/t!)

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Somnioblivio avatar Somnioblivio
Level 32 : Artisan Miner
This Ludicrite Coiled Turbine is expensive as all get out, but it will produce 28.1k RF/t if you feed it 2,000mb/t of steam from the steam-maker of your choosing.

I was reading a lot of conflicting or inaccurate information about Turbines from Big Reactors / Extreme Reactors so I sat down and built a bunch of turbines to see which ones actually performed the best.

These are the results.

I have created schematics for those that would like em. This is the top performer. Ludicrite obviously outperforms Enderium (though by only 4k RF/t) but it is so much more expensive most will run the Enderium version for a while in most cases.


Note: Where is the reactor!? I'm not really addressing the reactor portion of this system because that wasn't really the focus of this little project... That said, if you just can't be bothered, this reactor here should do the trick for you. It is very efficient and will gladly run a single turbine at full power for as long as you can feed it Yellorium/Uranium.

Also Note: Since this is from a mod, you can go ahead and load it up in the 3D viewer for a laugh but it has no idea how to load it. I assure you that the schematic is good and will work as long as you have Extreme Reactors for MC1.12 installed.

Here is the link to the "Cheaper" Enderium version that still manages to put out an impressive 24.1k RF/t!

[Mod] Extreme Reactors: Top Performance Enderium Coiled Turbine (24k RF/t!)
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