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Modern House Set + Interior

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Evi_miAUx3 avatar Evi_miAUx3
Level 20 : Expert Architect
Hello my fellow builders,

here is a small collection of modern and furnished houses for you as well as some stand-alone interior. I know that many Minecraft architects, including me, struggle with modern buildings and I'm by far no professional but I hope that I'm able to help and inspire you a bit. This set will be updated over time and then I will also add a world download because, you know, the amount of images that I can show on Planet Minecraft won't be enough and you also can take a deeper look at my work.

Feel free to leave some feedback, I love to hear what you think!

[Info] Many of my house and interior designs of this set may look similar to works of the YouTuber Keralis as well as those from the server World of Keralis due to the fact that I gained a lot of inspiration from there when I tried to improve my modern style. I can highly recommend watching his videos and visiting the server because it helped and still helps me a lot.
CreditYouTuber Keralis, Server World of Keralis, Ressource Pack Flows HD
Progress100% complete

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Update #2 - Download three houses now! : by Evi_miAUx3 12/19/2016 9:40:37 amDec 19th, 2016

Download available now!


Hello my fellow twolegs,

With the help of the new structure block I now managed to create some downloadable houses for you out of this set. Make sure to mention me somehow if you use my works publicly.

Have fun with them and keep expanding your ideas!

How to open structures


Not familiar with Minecraft structures yet? No problem, I will teach you how to put them into the game step by step.

1. After you downloaded the files, please open the folder in which you put them in.
Keep the window open for further actions.

2. Now, open your Minecraft game folder. If you don't know where it is, here are some ways how to find it:

Click to reveal
On Windows: Try to search for %appdata% and open the folder if it pops up.
There, you should find another folder called .minecraft . Open it.

On Linux: Go to your home directory and open the folder called .minecraft . Open it.

On macOS: Go to your home directory, then Library, then Application Support.
You should find a folder called minecraft . Open it.
3. Head to saves and open the world folder you would like to have the structures in.

4. If it doesn't already exist, create a new folder inside the world folder called structures .
Open it and drag 'n' drop the downloaded files from the already opened window into the structures folder.

5. Now you can start your Minecraft game, join the world and give yourself a structure block with this command:
/give <your name> structure_block

6. Right-click the structure block. An interface should open with a little button in the lower left corner.
Above is written "Data mode - game logic maker". Click the button until the Load mode opens.

7. Under "Structure Name", type in the name of one of the downloaded files, e.g. modern house 1.
Now the only thing you need to adjust yourself is the position of the structure you want to load.

8. When you think you're done, click the "LOAD" button in the lower right corner. Congratulations!

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10/28/2016 10:29 am
Level 1 : New Network
Tirobo_ avatar
Love it!
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