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Monster School (Willcraft)

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japanese_spammer avatar japanese_spammer
Level 19 : Journeyman Miner
This map is how Willcraft's Monster School looks like inside and outside, or atleast how i think it looks like inside and outside.
The map took five or four days to finish because of School and having to open Google with Minecraft already open to see how Willcraft's Monster School looks like inside and outside. If the commands to teleport you doesn't work, go to east(to enter the Monster School) or to west(to go to the spawn) or to south(to go to the Library(i added a Library)). I added two extra rooms, a Library and a Principal's room, and i even added the rooms from the episode "Scaring" and "Cooking" and Zupay's room from the episode "Combat #2".

Willcraft was the person who had the idea of making a series called "Monster School".
I used WorldEdit to make some stuff including recreating the logo of the series.

I got the idea of making a map of the Monster School when i saw that there was a project (map) called "Monster School (inspired by: WillCraftAnimation)" created by a user called "RedStoneCr33per13", but this project has only the classroom and command blocks that spawn the students, and there was a comment telling RedStoneCr33per13 to make the school bigger, then i decided to make a Monster School with everything that Willcraft's Monster School had.

Also, the reason this map don't have the combat room from the episodes "Combat" and "Combat #2" is because if you look at the exit you don't see a hall made of wood, and that made me think the combat room is not inside the Monster School.

Note: If there's something wrong with my grammar, it might be because i come from Brazil.
CreditWillcraft, WorldEdit (mod) and japanese_spammer (me)
Progress100% complete

4 Update Logs

I changed the download : by japanese_spammer 11/28/2019 4:40:51 pmNov 28th, 2019

I changed the rar folder to a zip folder, and now i tested if when people download the map they will spawn looking at a chest, and now they are spawning looking at a chest.

Note: I didn't change nothing in the map other than the spawn, before this update log the spawn was in the principal's room.

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