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Chikerenaham avatar Chikerenaham
Level 38 : Artisan Crafter
Hello there!

I built this new minigame called as Morph Hide and Seek, please play in 1.7 or above with Morph Mod installed

You just simply play this game with the start button, the seeker will be selected random. When the seeker presses the ready button in his room the hiders have approximitely 15 seconds left to hide. The hiders will be given a stone sword. The stone sword is used to kill mobs quicker in order to disguise as them in morph mod. There is a redstone timer of 3 minutes once the game begins. The rules are in the chests next to  the "Start Button" 

I am sorry but I did not install a teams system as I don't know how to, I will try to learn. So if the seeker kills all the hider it won't announce the seeker wins. There will be only 1 seeker through out the entire game, so if the hiders die the can go to the spectate room and it will teleport them to the arena but invisible. If you want to restart the game please wait for the redstone timer to end and replay it. 

Please also note that the invisibility potions will run out and I never tested out the map so yeah. :/ got a lot to improve in this map. 

Record and post on youtube if you like, but just remember to link to this website.

Also please leave a diamond and favourite it if you like it. Thanks!

But hope you enjoy!
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03/26/2016 12:11 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Network
SpottedLivvie avatar
I'm gonna try it! its downloading now.
08/06/2014 12:07 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Crafter
Chikerenaham avatar
Please let me know what do you think of the map
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