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The Minecraft MTR Server (MCMTR) is a continuation of this project!
此作品在 Minecraft MTR 伺服器(MCMTR)上繼續發展!

Learn more on the MCMTR Website | 查看 MCMTR 的網站以了解更多 : https://sites.google.com/view/mcmtr/home

Join our Discord | 加入我們的 Discord: https://discord.gg/7Yt22Uywk4

Thanks for your support!


Welcome to the Minecraft MTR project page! In this project, I build the entire MTR (Mass Transit Railway) system in Hong Kong on a Minecraft map, which includes all stations and lines. On this map, you can travel anywhere in the MTR system by riding a minecart.

This Minecraft map features the entire MTR network as of 14 February 2020. A total of 95 stations and 11 lines have been built, they include (in order of completion):
  • South Island Line (South Horizons - Admiralty)
  • Island Line (Chai Wan - Kennedy Town)
  • Tsuen Wan Line (Tsuen Wan - Central)
  • Tung Chung Line (Tung Chung - Hong Kong)
  • Disneyland Resort Line (Sunny Bay - Disneyland Resort)
  • Airport Express (AsiaWorld-Expo - Hong Kong)
  • Kwun Tong Line (Tiu Keng Leng - Whampoa)
  • Tseung Kwan O Line (Po Lam/LOHAS Park - North Point)
  • West Rail Line (Tuen Mun - Hung Hom)
  • East Rail Line (Lo Wu/Lok Ma Chau - Hung Hom)
  • Tuen Ma Line Phase 1 (Kai Tak - Wu Kai Sha)

Check out my YouTube channel Kinson Studio (https://www.youtube.com/c/KinsonStudio) for videos of me introducing and guiding you through all stations in Minecraft MTR! Also, join my Discord server (https://discord.gg/8xBu5P5wRw) to discuss Minecraft MTR with other players!

Just like in real life, you will find railway technologies such as platform screen doors, automatic platform gates and signalling systems on the Minecraft MTR map. Extra features like train depots and maintenance facilities are also included. Some stations even feature real-life-like MTR signage! Check out some examples in the image gallery!

This project has been developing for over three years since 9 December 2017 and is still currently developing. New stations and lines will be built as new railway sections open in the MTR network in real life. Future updates will be posted here.

You can download the Minecraft MTR map and travel around the MTR network by yourself! Please use Minecraft Java Edition (formerly known as PC/Mac) version 1.12.2 to load the map.

Important: The copyright of this Minecraft map belongs to Kinson Studio. By downloading the Minecraft MTR map, you agree to the following terms:
  1. You MAY NOT reupload or redistribute this Minecraft map.
  2. If you need to share this map, please refer to the link to this page. You MAY NOT directly refer to the link to the file.
  3. You MAY NOT extract files from the Minecraft map folder and make use of them in any way without Kinson Studio's agreement and permission.
  4. To publish any pictures or videos captured in this Minecraft world, you MUST give credit to the map creator (Kinson Studio).
  5. You MAY NOT make commercial use of this Minecraft map.

Feel free to leave a like and share this project if you enjoy playing!

歡迎來到 Minecraft MTR 的作品頁面!在此作品中,我在一個 Minecraft 地圖上興建香港的整個港鐵(MTR)系統,其中包含了所有車站和路綫。在此地圖上,你可以乘坐礦車前往港鐵網絡中的任何地方。

此 Minecraft 地圖上含有截至 2020 年 2 月 14 日的整個港鐵網絡,一共建成了 95 個車站和 11 條路綫,包括(按完成興建次序排列):
  • 南港島綫(海怡半島 - 金鐘)
  • 港島綫(柴灣 - 堅尼地城)
  • 荃灣綫(荃灣 - 中環)
  • 東涌綫(東涌 - 香港)
  • 迪士尼綫(欣澳 - 迪士尼)
  • 機場快綫(博覽館 - 香港)
  • 觀塘綫(調景嶺 - 黃埔)
  • 將軍澳綫(寶琳/康城 - 北角)
  • 西鐵綫(屯門 - 紅磡)
  • 東鐵綫(羅湖/落馬洲 - 紅磡)
  • 屯馬綫一期(啟德 - 烏溪沙)

如果你想觀看 Minecraft MTR 各車站的介紹影片,請到我的 YouTube 頻道 Kinson Studio(https://www.youtube.com/c/KinsonStudio)觀看!另外,你也可以加入我的 Discord 伺服器(https://discord.gg/8xBu5P5wRw)與其他玩家討論 Minecraft MTR!

就像現實一樣,你會在 Minecraft MTR 地圖上看到各種鐵路技術,例如是月台幕門、閘門和信號系統等。此外,你也會找到列車車廠和維修設施。有些車站更設有逼真的港鐵式指示牌!查看圖片庫中的一些例子吧!

此地圖自 2017 年 12 月 9 日以來一直在發展中,已經有三年多的歷史了。隨著在現實港鐵網絡中新鐵路路段的開通,我將會興建新的車站與路綫。未來的更新將會在這裏發布。

你可以下載 Minecraft MTR 地圖來自行遊覽港鐵網絡!請使用 Minecraft Java Edition(以前稱為 PC/Mac)版本 1.12.2 加載地圖。

注意:本 Minecraft 地圖版權屬 Kinson Studio 擁有。下載 Minecraft MTR 地圖,即表示你同意以下條款:
  1. 不得重新上傳或重新發布此 Minecraft 地圖。
  2. 如需轉載本地圖,請轉載本網頁連結,不得直接轉載檔案。
  3. 未經 Kinson Studio 同意和許可,你不得從 Minecraft 地圖的文件夾中提取任何檔案並以任何方式使用它們。
  4. 若要發布任何在此 Minecraft 世界中截取的圖片或錄制的影片,你必須標明地圖原作者(Kinson Studio)。
  5. 不得將此 Minecraft 地圖用於商業用途。

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23 July 2022 – Minecraft MTR Java Edition Project Final Update : by KinsonStudio 07/23/2022 2:58:06 amJul 23rd, 2022

Update on 23 July 2022 – I regret to announce that I will officially stop the development of the Minecraft MTR Java Edition Project. Please read my statement here: www.youtube.com/post/Ugkx1dwPH_OLAQR82Epr5nKWYKIIVnN-3syv

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